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07-25-2008, 13:34
The Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (SSDR) or Navy and Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon (OSR) will be awarded for deployments to Afghanistan (OEF) and Iraq (OIF) in accordance with SECNAVINST 1650.1H. However, the OEF and OIF AOEs may be qualifying areas for either ribbon, depending upon the circumstances of the individual. The following amplifying guidance is provided.

- The 12-month accumulated sea duty requirement for the SSDR is waived for OEF (11 Sep 01 - TBD) and OIF (19 Mar 03 - TBD) to qualify for the initial award of the ribbon only. The 12-month requirement still applies for second and subsequent awards.

- A Sailor who has not previously earned the SSDR and is on his/her FIRST deployment to the OEF or OIF AOE is only eligible to earn the SSDR for that deployment.

- Individuals with subsequent deployments to the OEF or OIF AOEs may elect to use that deployment time towards qualifying for EITHER a subsequent SSDR or the OSR. The member must elect in writing which ribbon the subsequent deployment time will be credited towards, and may NOT divide the deployment time between the two ribbons. The entire deployment time will be credited towards ONE of the ribbons.

- Under no circumstances will an individual be eligible for both the SSDR and OSR for the same action, time period, or service.

Example 1. An individual with nine months accumulated sea duty may earn a subsequent SSDR with a 90-day deployment to the OEF or OIF AOE.

Example 2. An individual with nine months accumulated overseas service may earn the OSR with a 90-day deployment to the OEF or OIF AOE ONLY if he/she has previously earned an SSDR. If not, after 90 days the member will be eligible for the SSDR. All additional time on that deployment will count towards a subsequent award of the SSDR, and may NOT be credited towards the OSR.

REFERENCE: https://awards.navy.mil/awards/webbas01.nsf

08-07-2011, 19:34
I saw this on the awards website a few years ago. Recently one of my Sailors deployed IA to Afghanistan. The YNC at the command will not award him the SSDR because his "deployment was not on a ship". I have been looking for this page from an official source so I can get my Sailor what he should have. Any place you would reccommend? I've email the contact listed on the awards website twice, still no answer. The links provided in this post are no longer valid either. Thanks.