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Thread: Dental battalion

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    Dental battalion

    Hello friends and family!
    So I am within my ordering window. . .

    I'm not a dental tech, but there is a Dental Battalion requesting 2 8404/0000 HM's...

    It is quite enticing.

    Few questions;

    1. Why do they want 8404/0000 for a dental battalion billet?
    2. How would I deploy because it is a sea duty? (What would I do on deployment not being a dental tech?)
    3. What would my duties be most likely? (Admin, CPD, TAD to be dental)
    4. In regards to the TAD, I heard they send you for basic dental training so you can do at least something...



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    I imagine these orders will entail deploying on a regular schedule with the battalion and you would primarly be used for general care for members in the battalion.

    Every unit needs general corpsman to provide care. This would cover medical records, immunizations, sick call, medical supply, suturing, water testing, and other general care items a normal corpsman assigned any where could be asked to do.

    sounds like a good way to learn the dental side as well

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    Check out Dental Technician Vol 1. Chapter 12
    HM1(FMF/EXW) John Young, USN
    Commanding Generals Inspection Team

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    Very interesting...

    So do you think if I applied I'd get it?
    I mean the Navy would save money cause I would stay in the same barracks lol
    I fit the billet perfectly.

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