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Thread: Thank you for accepting my request to join...

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    Thank you for accepting my request to join...

    My daughter is currently attending FMTB at Camp Johnson (LeJuene)... this is her first week.

    Thank you to the person who posted the information on the training manual. It helps me understand all that she will endure these next 8 weeks! She got lucky and knows two other HM's attending this course with it's a Blessing she will know someone and they can help each other!

    I've been to the website for this course and I believe I read every link! LOL!

    Once my daughter graduates from this school, she will be heading to San Diego for IDC School. She has alot on her plate this next year or so, but I know she will do great! She's a pretty tough cookie!

    Fair Winds and Following Seas Shipmates and Parents!

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    welcome aboard and thank you for your interest in her service...

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