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Thread: Need to prove I went to FMSS (now FMTB)

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    Need to prove I went to FMSS (now FMTB)

    If there is an HMC out there that knows how to handle this, please let me know.

    I went to Camp Pendleton in 2005 and completed the Field Medical Service School. Upon returning to my NOSC I was transferred to a Marine Corps unit. I have been there since.

    Now the Navy is telling me I am a 0000 and not an 8404 (actually they have me listed as an 8499). Personnel swears they dont have any record of me going to FMSS - they cant find orders, my certificate, nothing.

    Now Im going through all my old papers and I cant find anything going back that far. I think I lost them a move or two ago.

    How do I locate documentation proving that I attended FMSS in 2005? Im pretty sure the photos I have from the experience arent going to do it, and it seems thats all I have left.

    Please advise. Time is of the essence.


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    1.) The school house should have records dated back that far for starters.
    2.) You can request your service records that come on a disc format from Millington, TN.
    3.) It should be recorded in your service record in the back with an original copy of the orders and it should be on your page four(?) which shows when you went to boot followed by NHCS followed by FMTB. These are indicated by stamps from the command that get placed on the page in sequential order. Any sick call sheets for shots or other items from your medical record would be in your medical file as well.

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    Look in your electronic training jacket on NKO. It should reflect your 8404 NEC as well as FMSS under the Training History section. Also any evals may show documentation as well. Check out your OMPF available on BOL for electronic uploads of evals, certs, page 4 entries etc. Finally, ask someone from your NOSC to pull up your FLTMPS record and check there too. Let me know if you need additional help.
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    NKO for sure. You can also check your duty abstract page in your HR. There is no way FMSS Medical Dept didn't stamp you in.

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