My name is HM2 Cruz, I am in the reserve Navy - currently assigned to 2/23 Echo Company Infantry. In my civilian capacity I am a Clinical Coordinator with Royal Ambulance in San Leandro, California. We are in Northern California / SF Bay Area. We are currently hiring and look to be continually hiring throughout this year. Listed below are the requirements for application, our job application is online, I will also list the website as well.

  • Current CA EMT certification (any County)
  • CPR card for Professional healthcare provider
  • Medical Examiners card
  • Experience preferred, not required
  • Training provided to ALL employees
  • Recent graduates OK
  • Valid Ambulance Drivers License
  • California Drivers license
  • Applicants must have proof of the following immunizations: PPD - Skin Test (within 6 months), Hepatitis B Vaccine (at least 2 in the series of 3), Rubella Vaccine (completed) and Tetanus Shot (current within 10 years
  • ICS 00003 - Radiological Emergency Management
  • ICS 100 - Introduction to Incident Command System
  • ICS 700 - NIMS An Introduction
  • ICS 704 - NIMS Communications and Information Management
  • AWR 160 - Standard Awareness Training


A secret for Corpsman dot com only - the NUMBER ONE reason applicants do not receive interviews / fail applicant screening is due to incomplete and/or improper application submission.

In closing - this is work as an EMT-Basic, we are not a county-contracted 9-1-1 provider, so not a whole lot of gunshots and horrible trauma, etc. We do, however, run a great deal of "Code 2" emergency calls out of healthcare facilities (such as nursing homes). We have Critical Care RN's and we do provide CCT transport of high acuity patients (interesting calls, good experience). So for now, no Paramedics working here - you won't be able to use those epic I.V. skills Corpsmen are so well-known for.

For further info, email me: