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    Hello, I'm Andrew Roberson and I'm from Memphis, Tennessee. I'm a 19 year old male and I do not have much military knowledge, although my brother has just left the fleet recently and now serves as a Navy recruiter here in the midtown area of Memphis (quite ironic). He is an OS and I've already enlisted as HM and I ship off 4/2/2012, its quite nerve wrecking. I just googled HM and I stumbled across the boards, and they seem quite resourceful so I decided to join the community! I was really adamant about going to college first, but my brother really convinced me! I'd be greatly appreciative of any extra information or just personal experiences. Feel free to contact me!

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    welcome aboard and thank you for your interest in the HM field...

    you the forum through to research boot, FMF, FMTB, and what used to be NHCS that is now BMTCP...

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