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Thread: Marine Raider/4th Marines Corpsman

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    Marine Raider/4th Marines Corpsman

    Hi my name i Jason and i am currently doing research on my grandfathers service during world war 2. He passed away in 1987 before i was even born, and up until a year ago i had no idea he was part of world war 2. So i started asking questions and none of my family members knew anything, come to find out he never talked about it with anyone. I started with my own search and received his discharge papers from the navy and found out he was a pharmacist mate 1st class with 1st marine Raider regiment H&S company. He was only with the Raiders a couple months until the Raiders were disbanded and became the 4th marines. (He was part of 3rd battalion 4th marines)
    Now i kind of just go an outline of what he did, if anyone knows anything or knows someone who might please post.
    Questions i have
    daily jobs?
    how can i find out where he fought?
    after field medic school did he train at a marine boot camp?
    these are just a few of my questions haha
    He was a great man and this is a way for me to honor his memory!

    Thanks so much
    Jason Hussman

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    thank you for your response, i have checked with that org. and since my grandfather was only part of the raiders for such a short period that they do not have much info on him. thanks again for the response


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    Hey Jason,
    Was your grandfather a Marine or Corpsman with the Raiders? Im working on a project on Navy Corpsman from WWII to now. I was just curious.


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