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Thread: Combat Corpsman Bumper Stickers

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    Thumbs up Combat Corpsman Bumper Stickers

    My apologies if this is posted in the incorrect area but I thought it appropriate as it applies to FMF.

    I have approximately 15 of these left over from a previous sale if anyone is interested.

    Combat Corpsman Bumper Stickers .. Size: 3" X 10"

    Cost is $2.50 EA .. Price Includes Shipping (USPS 1st Class Mail)

    Payment Method:
    * Personal Checks
    * Money Orders
    * PayPal

    If interested you can email me at

    Hope all you Docs are well and God Bless You


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    Hi Rick,
    I was wondering when you would pop back over in here....
    Admin Joe from Combat Corpsman on FB....

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    How dos Doc ... Lots going on in my personal life not to mention other things that keep me busy so my time is scattered all over the place. Figured that some here might be at FB as well ...

    I used to pop in here all the time and even made a few graphics for a couple of KIA Docs ... Lately any more it's hit and miss.

    Nice to see ya ... S/F


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    During the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda decided to go visit the North korean side. She sat in an anti-aircraft gun where she was photographed. When presented Prisoners of War (POWs), they were beaten in front of her. The POWs tried to pass off social security numbers of those being held captive to her, she gave these to the NV officers. The prisoners were beaten.
    She is considered a traitor by many.

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