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Thread: Question About the "Dream Sheet"

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    Question About the "Dream Sheet"

    Its a long story that I have posted in the welcome forum, but it has always been my goal signing into the Navy as a Corpsman to serve alongside Marines in an Infantry/combat Division as I was originally signed up to do with the Marine DEP a while back. Im fully aware I might end up in a hospital or "group", its just not my ideal place to be, but im trying to figure out as much information as I can before I leave to ensure I do not miss something and ruin my chances of ending up in a Marine Division.

    My question - Is there an option to choose to prefer to be in a specific type division/unit, and not care where my station is located?
    Is there anyone specifically I should try and talk to, or fill something out to help my chances at ending up where I want to be?

    I could care less about where im stationed, they all sound good. Ill I care about letting them know is that I feel I would like to, and be best suited to be in infantry/combat arms, and not in Airwing or at a hospital. Ive heard having a great GPA helps you get your choice, and I plan to devote all of my time to getting a great GPA at NHCS and I am already in outstanding physical condition. Thanks for any input, you all have been a great help in the past!

    Also, another thing I was wondering. Are they still pushing for alot of Corpsman to go through FMTB and go greenside? or with the wars winding down are they cutting back significantly?
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    currently when you get assigned to marine units, they usually will send you to where you are needed most... as for asking to go specific, it might depend on what is available...

    orders for specific units might be available and might not....

    greenside orders will depend on neeeds of the navy and there is force reductions going into effect.....

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    Thanks for the reply, I understand a bit better now, I talked with a buddy who went through recently and he mentioned they had a way where instead of putting what base you would like, you could stress what type of job you will be doing or going greenside on the sheet rather than a certain base.

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    As a student at Corps School right now I can tell you that getting Greenside orders now is not as easy as it once was. My class is going to pick orders sometime next week and the class before mine had zero orders to FMTB. It really only comes down to what time of year you pick orders. Hope this helped.

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