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Thread: Immunization Record NAVMED 6230/4

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    Immunization Record NAVMED 6230/4

    The NAVMED 6230/4 (Rev 1-2004), Adult Immunizations Record, is the proper form to record immunization data.
    1. All new entries must be recorded on the NAVMED 6230/4 (Rev 1-2004) and in MRRS.
    2. The NAVMED 6230/4 is filed directly behind the DD 2766 in Part 1 (left side), Section A, of the HREC.
    3. The NAVMED 6230/4 is filed on top of existing SF 601 and/or the automated immunization forms from RTC.
    4. The required immunization info is: date, manufacturer, lot #, dose, site & route; Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) edition; the name, address, & title of the person administering the vaccine.

    NAVMED 6230/4 (Rev 1-2004)

    The SF 601, Immunization Record, is obsolete.
    1. Existing SF 601 already in the HREC must be maintained in the record. Never remove medical documentation from the HREC.
    2. No additional entries may be recorded on the existing SF 601.
    3. Close out any existing SF 601. Blank areas of the existing SF 601 should be lined through with NFE (No Further Entries)
    4. A blank SF 601 should not be included when creating a new HREC (ie. new joins, replacement record, etc)
    5. Unused SF 601 forms on hand, or in stock, should be destroyed to prevent confusion and avoid errors.

    The DD 2766, Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flowsheet, is not to be used to record immunizations.
    1. Disregard the immunization section of DD 2766 because it does not accommodate entry of all required data.
    2. All new immunization entries must be recorded in MRRS and on the NAVMED 6230/4 (Rev 1-2004)

    Use of Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS) for patient education is required by both mil reg and federal law before administering any vaccination. They are available from the CDC website and MilVax.

    BUMED NOTE 6150, dated 19 Jul 2007
    Subj: Guidance for Completing Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flowsheet (DD 2766)....

    4. Completion of the DD 2766: Refer to section headings for appropriate entries. ...

    i. Section 9 - Immunizations: Immunizations must be documented in an approved electronic database that transmits to ... DEERS ... and in the appropriate location in the medical record. For those activities using the hard copy DD 2766, disregard the immunization section because it does not accommodate entry of all required data. To document the required information, use the NAVMED 6230/4 (Rev 1-2004), Adult Immunization Record; file this form under the DD 2766.

    BUMED NOTE 6230, dated 21 Dec 2004
    Subj: To Provide Immunization Requirements and Recommendations and to Introduce Adult and Child Immunization Records

    3. General Consideration

    g. Immunization Documentation. Health care providers who administer immunizations, toxoids, and other immunobiologicals must record pertinent vaccine related information on the PHS 731 (Yellow Card), in an electronic database that transmits data to DEERS, and in the appropriate location in the health record. Do not use the DD 2766 form for recording immunizations because it does not accommodate entry of all required data. The new adult and child immunizations records, NAVMED 6230/4 (Rev 1-2004) and NAVMED 6230/5 (Rev 1-2004), have spaces for all required information.

    (1) The required immunization information is: date, manufacturer, lot number, dose given, site and route of administrations; the Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) edition given; the name, address, and title of the person administering the vaccine; and the MTF or other facility.

    (3) The PHS 731 (International Certificate of Vaccination) (Yellow Card) serves as the individual's official record of immunization. The PHS 731 should remain in the custody of the individual or legal guardian and should be updated at the time of immunization. This document may be required for travel to certain countries. Consult the cognizant NEPMU or local travel clinic for additional immunization-related information pertaining to international travel.
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