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Thread: Battle Station 21 video on CNN

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    Doc77 Guest
    Looks better than the old one I went through. I was kind of bored with the first one.

    My Division did the old Battle Stations too easily, IMO.

    Then again there were a couple guys close to my age (29 at the time) and one older (34) at the time. We just took control and sailed through it all.

    I'd like to go back and do the new one. I think it would be fun.

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    I did battle stations on the 18th ... I have to say that it was tough until it was easy. Everything's easy with a team though.
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    LandlockedSeaman Guest
    Man that's Bad to the A. I'm looking forward to doing that stuff soon

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    Either the link is dead or my watch has stopped.

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    Here is an active one ---> USS Trayer Battle Stations 21 video

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    Stay Awake, !!!!

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    don't fall asleep they said, it will be a long night they said, indeed its true what they said.

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