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Thread: Finding Shipmates

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    YardDog Guest

    Finding Shipmates

    If anyone was a member of Company 120 from 1988 Boot Camp, HM A-School Company 205-Alpha from 1988, (Both in Great Mistakes) or FMF school in Camp Pendleton, Ca that graduated in December 1988. Please let me know.

    I am also looking for shipmates from MedLog (1990 until 1994) and Mayport (1994 thru 1998). Especially for those that are still on AD.

    I would like to see how "LIFE" is going!

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    Welcome Shipmate, Wish I could hlep you out, but I was a little before you time:

    Boot: San Diego June 1984

    Corps School: Great Lakes, 1985

    FMSS: Camp Pendleton 1985

    So I was a bit before you..


    Hope you get some answers and welcome aboard!!!
    Darrell Da-Chief Crone
    HMC(AW) USN (ret)

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    TLB1223 Guest
    Man Chief...
    You went to boot camp before I was even born Heck...before I was even thought about....

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    I have da-Chief beat, I went to boot camp June of 1973! oorah! and while out here visiting my Corpsman son, I visited Marine Corps Recruit Depot MCRD bootcamp again today, and sat in the barbers chair and received a Marine Corps regulation high and tight hair cut.

    Oh yeah man, I live for this stuff!

    Lefty Righty Lo

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    CorpsmanWife2008 Guest
    ya'll make me feel like a baby.. lol that was all waaaay before i was even close to being thought off lol, i wasnt born till 87

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    Your only 32 years younger, tain't nothing. The good news is we still have all of our teeth! oorah.

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    CorpsmanWife2008 Guest
    lol.. yeah i guess your probably like my dads age.. maybe been in the military around the same time of my dad, he has been in for 24 yrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLB1223 View Post
    Man Chief...
    You went to boot camp before I was even born Heck...before I was even thought about....
    Hmmm, boot camp for me in 1978. I'm not old, just well seasoned and "salty".

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    CPOMess Just don't ever call me gramps!

    I wish I had caught this thread way back when! Funny thing is you are all 4 years older now! Yet, it seems I have an earlier set of recollections! Boot in SD in Sept of 72, graduated NHCS SD in March 73!
    And at this stage in my life I again wear the caduceus proudly on board a museum ship! Our senior MM Master Chief is 90! Every time I step on board I am 18 again. Well, at least that's how I feel after being yelled at by all those Chiefs in their 70's and 80's! Gotta love it! But, they do know I am there for them. Now, if I can only find a couple of AED's in surplus!
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    Darrell, we were at NHCS at the same time - who were your instructors? I did boot JUL84 GLAKES and graduated HM A school GLAKES in mid JAN 85. FMSS CLNC FEB 85
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