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    kamon8404 Guest

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    Like the title says, what are everyone favorite teams? Any sport, doesn't matter. I'll go first.

    Football- Pittsburgh Steelers! Basketball- Phoenix Suns!

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    Football--- Real favorite.. (Don't Laugh!) Oakland Raiders, but due to them being demoted to the Pop-Warner league.. Chicago Bears..

    Baseball---Oakland A's.. But since I can't catch a game up here in Chi-town.. Whitesox.. Hate the Cubbies, wife and kids love them..

    Basketball===Chicago Bulls..

    Hockey---Detroit Red-wings..

    College Football?? Ask anyone--- GO BLUE! Michigan..

    NASCAR Racer==Jeff Gordon..

    College Basketball-- Any team Bobby Knight is coaching..

    Underwater Basket Weaving team! ==Poolzer and Pardue..


    Darrell Da-Chief Crone
    HMC(AW) USN (ret)

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    popsie Guest

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    Football- the Bears

    Baseball- The Yankees even when they S@$%#dbeen a fan since the 60's

    Curling - doesn't matter just like watching it

    College football- USC

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    mestup3117 Guest

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    I really only watch college football and I'm a Texas Longhorns fan. Insert seething Rose Bowl loss comments from Da-Chief and popsie here: _________________. Haha. HOOK 'EM!

    USC is looking pretty loaded this next year. They have another killer recruiting class coming in. They're going to be a force to be reckoned with until (if ever)Pete Carroll moves on.

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    Favorite in sports...
    Detroit Red Wings (hockey )
    Baltimore Orioles (baseball)
    Washington Redskins (don't laugh!)
    Basketball (they're all overpaid snots, don't like em, but for College ball, GO TERPS!!! for basketball and football)
    Team Red Bull / David Coulthard (racing - Formula 1)
    DC United (soccer)
    "I wish to have no Connection with any Ship that does not Sail fast for I intend to go in harm's way."
    -Captain John Paul Jones
    16 Nov 1778

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    Football - Raiders

    College Football - Florida Gators

    Nascar - Bobby Labonte

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    Hockey New York Rangers

    Football Jacksonville Jaguars

    Baseball New York Mets/ Boston Red Sox

    Basketball- NBA never watch it

    Arena Football- the entire league!!!! Awesome game really fun to be at.

    Nascar-- something that evolved from a criminal activity is now america's favorite. I don't see the attraction. I'm asleep before the pace car gets to turn four.

    College Baseball- Jacksonville Univeristy Dolphins (good ole JU)

    College Football- Florida State

    College Basketball- Uconn (men and women)

    also been known to watch rodeos, kick boxing, and paintball

    Professional??? paintball??? How much do they make?

    Here\'s where the facts get a little fuzzy, but don\'t worry I\'m sure I got them all in order.

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    Im a homer, Red Wings,Tigers,and yes Lions.Not much of a bball guy,I will go see the Pistons if I get tickets.Also a Michigan State fan.Its only 30mins down the road.

    Ann Arbor is easy to find from my house,I just go south until I smell sh/t and make a left

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    beenfive Guest
    Because of a person's favorite player maybe. or where they were born in a certain area. or, because their family likes a certain team. and tradition is also very important.

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    Football: Chicago Bears

    Baseball: Chicago White Sox

    I don't like to watch college sports and I was never really into the basketball. I will root for the Bulls just because they're from my home city but, I never make it a point to watch them or follow them.

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