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Thread: Any way to tell if Hospital Corps School Company

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    Any way to tell if Hospital Corps School Company

    Is there anyway of telling the Hospital Corps School company that Corpsman killed in the Vietnam War graduated from. I am interested in Leslie Louis Carter(lost in 1968)and Harold Alvin Bird(lost in 1964.
    Please direct me to a more suitable board. If this is the wrong one.


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    Hospital Corps school doesn't keep records like that.

    If you're family or next of kin, you can request the service members military records.
    How to Request Military Service Records or Prove Military Service

    My Research has revealed the following information. We at send you our collective condolences for these two brave men of honor!

    HM3 Harold Alvin Bird
    Home of Record: Boulder Creek, CA
    Date of Death: 18SEP65
    Date of Birth: 05AUG43


    HM1 Leslie Louis Carter
    Home of Record: Jamestown, ND
    Date of Death: 01JUL68
    Date of Birth: 03NOV43


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    Thanks for the reply I went to Corp School Compamy 29 1962. We had a two in class with these names. I am not sure HM1 Carter was from North Dakota but the age range matches. I did not see his name on the wall until this year. I have checked the Jamestown Papers but could not find a picture. I hesitate to contact family without confirming if this was the Carter in my company. There was also a Harry Bird that was a company leader but I don't think the age matches as he had prior service before the Navy. Again thanks for the info

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    My Condolences to you Doc..

    Thanks for trusting us to help, and 8404.. thanks for the info, you never cease to amaze me.
    Darrell Da-Chief Crone
    HMC(AW) USN (ret)

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    Just a follow up on my post. I did find out that it was indeed the Same Leslile Carter that I was in Corps School Co 29 with. Sorry to find out. I was able to send his wife a picture of the Corps School class and had a phone conversation with her about being in school with him. He was a great guy. Thanks for the help
    Chelsea Corpsman
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    We, at, consider it an honor to be able to help you connect with your former shipmate's family. We extend a Welcome Home to you Doc and wish to thank you for your service.

    Thank you very much for updating us on the final outcome.

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