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Thread: $11 - $20hr Part-time Temp Fed Job

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    The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting temporary, part-time census takers for the 2010 Census. These short-term jobs offer good pay, flexible hours, paid training, and reimbursement for authorized work-related expenses, such as mileage incurred while conducting census work. Most hours will be for evenings and weekends so it makes for a great second job.

    Application process is the same for all non-supervisory positions: Crew Leader, Assistant Crew Leader, Census Taker (Enumerator), Clerk

    Some supervisory positions still available: Field Operations Supervisor, Office Operations Supervisor

    Salary range from $11 per hour to $20 per hour depending upon location and position
    You work locally but reliable transportation is required (bus & bikes are okay)
    55 cents per mile for use of your car
    Paid training.
    Must be U.S. citizen.
    All census takers must be able to speak English, but bilingual speakers are encouraged to apply.
    Written examination required. (30-minutes to answer 28 questions, min 10 right to pass)
    Additional 5 or 10 points added to score for eligible veterans.

    Sample test:

    Please call 800-992-3529 or 866-861-2010 for available test dates in your area.
    The interactive map will enable you to find census taker pay rates for your local area. Census takers are paid weekly through direct deposit or they will receive a paycheck in the mail. They can expect to receive their first paycheck approximately ten to fourteen days after their first day of work, and will receive subsequent paychecks direct deposited or by mail, every seven days.

    2010 Census Taker Employment Opportunities

    Other Jobs @ Census

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    If you don't score in the in the 20s on the test, you won't be picked. Also, should you pass, they put your name in a pool and select someone if there is work in your area. No guarantee of anything.

    I just took the test a few days ago. I had zero issues with it and scored a 25/28, not including my Veteran points.

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    They do allow you to return on another date and retest for a higher score if you choose. Some of the questions on the test are a little wierd so you should try taking the practice exam posted on their website. Attention to detail is very import and you will get the answer wrong if you do not pay attention to important hints in the instructions or subtle variations between selections.

    Practice test:

    They plan on hiring a couple million Enumerators but job availability depends on quite a few factors, such as: local population density, number of local households that do not respond to self-reporting questionnaires, age of housing (since 2000 census), number of local job applicants, etc...

    But like almost any job interview, nothing is guaranteed. However that should not stop you from trying. Apply and test now for temp jobs that should start around March or April. Even if you are not sure, get your name on the call list now so it is entirely your choice later. You won't be able to apply when the work starts. You have to get your name on the list now and only people with their name on the list will get called to work.

    Some stated applicant "preferences" in no particular order:
    US citizen over non-US citizen
    Must speak and read english
    Valid driver's license
    Clean background
    Reliable transportation
    Veteran preference points
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