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Thread: Where can I find my grandpa's service record?

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    Where can I find my grandpa's service record?

    My grandpa was a corpsman in World War 2, and I know he was a corpsman on Guadalcanal, but his Asiatic-Pacific Campaign ribbon has three stars and I want to know what the other two were.

    It's funny, the more I study EMS and become a part of it, the more I come across items of his. I found his US Navy Hospital Corps ring, a red cross in the middle with 42 in the center, I think it was his graduation year?

    I have more recently found his dog tags, too.

    It feels like he has been reaching out to me from the grave, somehow I keep coming across his mementos, stuff long forgotten. He never talked about the war, and he died before I was born. It was as if he put the entire thing behind him before he met my grandmother.

    Where can I go with this information to find out more about him?

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    See link for information on requesting the information you are looking for.

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    First off, welcome aboard.

    Older military records at one point were kept in a warehouse in St. Louis. Some years ago there was a large fire there and numerous were destroyed. Records for before a certaain date are kept in one location and newer records are now scanned onto a disc to be sent out.

    It would be helpful to have his full name, SSN, DOB, and place of birth with place of enlistment to provide to find the records. This info ( most of it) would be on a death certificate.

    Hope this helps.
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    Along with the link that DanM gave you, you can read about the locations of records from the same site:
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