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Thread: Looking for info on COMSUBGRU 9

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    Looking for info on COMSUBGRU 9

    Greetings folks!

    Been a while since i visited last, so sorry about that. Been very busy with my new collateral duty as Unit Career Councilor (don't let anybody tell you otherwise, that's a big job, but a great one) and trying to make HM1.

    Anyhoo... I have a question that i'm hoping can be answered here (seems to be the closest topic): I'm a reservist HM2 and just got assigned to a new billet that i know nothing about. It's an HM billet with COMSUBGRU 9 FP2. Anyone have any idea what this means for me? I've done as much research as i can online and found nothing particularly informative.

    Any help and info is very much appreciated.


    HM2 Mark Nelson

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    I can tell you that it is a parent command with probably several subs and maybe a tender or two who has the purpose making the group vessels deployment ready, handling supplies and logistics, and supervision of the individual commands.
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