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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

AF Flight Surgeon Makes Mark During Historic Space Flight

DOD News .. Written on February 16, 2012 at 12:31 pm by jtozer FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (AFNS) – The American public remembers John Glenn for his solo orbit around Earth. They remember Neil Armstrong for his walk on the moon. But few remember how Col. (Dr.) Vance H. Marchbanks Jr., one of the […]

Wounded Corpsman earns Silver Star

Another Doc who exemplifies the Hospital Corps and Honor-Duty-Commitment. By Sam Fellman – Staff writer Posted : Monday Jul 18, 2011 13:48:16 EDT When he saw a Marine in his squad fall, then-Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class (FMF) Jake Emmott rushed headlong into insurgent gunfire to reach him. It was April 20, 2010, and Emmott’s squad […]

1st Annual Corpsman.com Telethon Wednesday 1000 till 0200 Thursday CST (08 Dec-09Dec), come watch and support our site!

You ever see the “CRAZY EDDIE” commercials? Ever see one of those crazy Infomercials? Well I will now be lumped into that category as I will do anything to support our site. Starting tomorrow at 1000 CST, I will be filming live until 0200 CST on Thursday. I will take requests, I will study with you […]

Special Holiday Memories? Share them with us.. Corpsman.com

I love my Military, all services, brothers sisters, everyone.. Even the Knuckleheads..  🙂 An idea came to me this morning and I need some assistance from you the corpsman.com readers. Do you have a story or a special memory from the holiday season during your time in the service? If your a family member and […]

What do “YOU” want out of Corpsman.com?

Hello everyone! It’s Sunday, September 26th, a beautiful fall day up here in the mighty state of Wisconsin (Not to be confused with the state of confusion, that’s Illinois!) Monday night brings us the 1st of 2 battles between the mighty Chicago Bears (DA-BEARS) and the lowly Packers (Sorry WES!). In all seriousness, it’s a […]

Verizon, InComm Retailers and the USO Team Up to Provide Free Phone Calls to Active Duty Military Personnel so They Can Stay in Touch With Loved Ones

New York, NY – June 16, 2009 – Verizon, InComm Retailers and the USO are launching an initiative to let Americans demonstrate their appreciation for armed forces personnel serving America worldwide, just in time for the July 4 holiday. From June 22 to July 4, consumer purchases of Verizon Prepaid Long Distance Phone Cards at participating local […]

Veterans Day Specials for Eating out

This is an old post, Please link to this years current specials.. http://www.corpsman.com/2010/11/veterans-day-specials-for-eating-out-updated-10-nov-2010/ Enjoy! D/C Tweet

CY 2009 Reserve Enlisted Drill Pay Schedule

This is the “RESERVE DRILL” Schedule. Tweet

Corpsman.com Will never forget 9/11.. Where were you?

I was assigned with the Marine Corps with 1/14 in the Bay Area in CA as the BN Med Chief. I went from one minute just wearing Cammies on my way to work and in 30 minutes had full flak, Helmet, Locked and Loaded 9mm, M16 and we were preparing for war. We went from […]

Medical Mission to Nigeria, Africa

Hey everyone! I wouldn’t ask this unless I needed your help.  Not for Corpsman.com but for a medical mission in Africa. My wife who is a RN, will be going to Africa, January 2nd 2009 for 2 weeks to volunteer her time for health care in Nigera, Africa. To do this, we need to raise […]