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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Issue #28 4th Quarter Holiday Scuttlebutt Newsletter Enjoy!

December 25, 2010 by  
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Thanks everyone who donated material to this Newsletter. You can download the newsletter here: SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS #28 We went from 12 pages to 30 pages of goodness due to your help and hearing the call. One of the first things I am going to do is get regular submitters/writers starting next year.  If anyone has […]

1st Annual Corpsman.com Telethon Wednesday 1000 till 0200 Thursday CST (08 Dec-09Dec), come watch and support our site!

You ever see the “CRAZY EDDIE” commercials? Ever see one of those crazy Infomercials? Well I will now be lumped into that category as I will do anything to support our site. Starting tomorrow at 1000 CST, I will be filming live until 0200 CST on Thursday. I will take requests, I will study with you […]

Corpsman.com Annual December Fund Drive

Happy Holidays to all! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Happy Kwanza, Happy Festivus.. (There I think I have it all covered!) December has traditionally been our fundraising month for Corpsman.com.   This is the time where we ask for users to help support our site for another year. December is the only month where we hit […]

Issue #27 Scuttlebutt News Corpsman.com Newsletter Hot off the Printer!!

September 30, 2010 by  
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Yea!! We got it done on time!! Dee said it would be out today and out it shall be. Thanks to all of you who wrote and submitted stories and pictures. Download the Issue #27 “ HERE” Believe it or not we are already working on the holiday newsletter which is traditionally our biggest.  If […]

Scuttlebutt Issue #26 & Happy 4th of July 2010!

Happy 4th everyone! I hope your all out with your families or are in contact with your loved ones who are away.  Please everyone be safe, don’t drink and drive etc. True to Dee’s word, “Scuttlebutt News #26” is released on the 4th of July!! (<—-Click the Picture or the Hyperlink above to download the […]

Issue #25 Hot off the Press, I give you SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS!

April 1, 2010 by  
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Dee has done it again.. (Did you have any doubts? I didn’t!) The Jan-Mar Scuttlebutt Newsletter can be found here: Scuttlebutt News #25 !! Thats right #25! Do you know what it is like to create 25 new and different newsletters?  And to think she used to do it monthly? I’m amazed ad the time […]

Corpsman.com Holiday Newsletter needs your Help!! Please Assist!!

December 4, 2009 by  
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DeeDee (Corpsman.com Scuttlebutt News Editor) needs your assistance!! She is getting the Holiday/End of year newsletter together right now, and could do it  in under 5 minutes?? How could that be? Well no one has submitted Holiday wishes to her to be included in the Newsletter. Last years newsletter had almost 40 pages of articles […]

Corpsman.com Scuttlebutt Newsletter Jul-Sept 2009

October 8, 2009 by  
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Greetings all! Enclosed is the Scuttlbutt Newsletter (PDF FILE).  Download and enjoy!! Tweet

Where were you on 09/11/01?

I put this out to our readers at Corpsman.com, I asked them to send me a 1 to 2 paragraph blurb explaining where they were and what they were doing on that fateful day. I am going to display the responses un-edited.  This was supposed to be the lead story today, but with the tragic […]

Scuttlebutt Newsletter March-June 2009 Issue #22

July 9, 2009 by  
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Download the Scuttlebutt Newsletter here:  SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS #22 MARCH-JUNE 2009 It’s here.. You all have waited for it for 3 months.. The Corpsman.com Scuttlebutt News for March – June 2009 is now finished. Thanks to DeeDee(Editor) for all her hard work!! Thanks to all who submitted articles for this 30 page Newsletter. Remember “YOU” can […]

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