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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Are you thinking of joining?

Are you thinking of enlisting in the Navy? Is there someone already in the military that motivated you to join or helped you to make up your mind? Is there a person that helped to do what you needed to do in order to enlist?

If so, I encourage you to say thank you to that person by giving them credit for helping you out. When you meet with a Recruiter provide the name of the individual that helped you GO NAVY. At the very least a recruiting comment should enhance their performance evaluation and it may even help them earn an award.


Any service member of the Active or Reserve Component of the United States Armed Forces, except for members in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) or Delayed Entry Program (DEP). Military service members, federal service employees, and contractors who work for COMNAVCRUITCOM are ineligible for this program.

Qualified Referrals

To be considered a qualified referral, the referred individual must not have been previously interviewed or processed by a Navy recruiter within the last four months. Any person listed on a Navy recruiter’s applicant log within the previous four months is ineligible for referral status unless the individual was a referral from the same source when originally interviewed. Any non-referred applicant who previously processed for Navy service, but was found temporarily disqualified for Navy service for any reason, does not qualify as a new referral until 365 days have elapsed since the date of previous processing. Referrals can only be credited to one referring source, meaning that two or more individuals cannot receive referral credit for the same referred person.


Military service members and civilians may qualify for recognition if, during a rolling 12-month period, they refer the required number of applicants to a Navy recruiter who contract the referral into an officer or enlisted program for either the Active or Reserve Component.

Performance criteria within a 12-month period = award
() One Enlisted Contract = Letter of Appreciation
() Two Enlisted Contracts = Letter of Commendation and Honorary Recruiter Certificate
() Three Enlisted Contracts = Flag Letter of Commendation
() Four Enlisted Contracts = Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
() Eight Enlisted Contracts = Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal

() Two Officer Contracts = Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
() Four Officer Contracts = Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal

Recruiter will complete NAVCRUIT 5305/2 and submit to the Recruiter-in-Charge (RinC) during the Daily Production Review.
NAVCRUIT 5305/1, Recruiting Referral Recognition Request
NAVCRUIT 5305/2, Personal Award Recommendation

RTools, OTools and/or CIRIMS Record for current referrals

Applicant Logs listing all new and previous referrals

You can comment on this program or ask questions of the staff in our Scuttlebutt Forums.

COMNAVCRUITCOM INSTRUCTION 5305.1K, Recruiting Referral Recognition Program, dtd 8 March 2007

Submitted By: CPO HMC-FMF-PJ