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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

GI Bill students surprised when living stipend stops between semesters

Going to college on government promises gets tougher … By Rick Maze – Staff writer Military Times Posted : Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 14:57:23 EST Breaks between college terms have become tough on some students using the Post-9/11 GI Bill, they say, because they no longer receive living stipends during those periods. The change is […]

Navy Drug Testing Program Expands, Change Includes More Prescription Drug Testing

From Navy Medicine Support Command Public Affairs PORTSMOUTH, Va. (NNS) — Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) announced Feb. 23 that Navy Drug Screening Laboratories (NDSLs) will begin testing for additional prescription medications in May.   “The change is in response to an initiative from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff […]

AF Flight Surgeon Makes Mark During Historic Space Flight

DOD News .. Written on February 16, 2012 at 12:31 pm by jtozer FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (AFNS) – The American public remembers John Glenn for his solo orbit around Earth. They remember Neil Armstrong for his walk on the moon. But few remember how Col. (Dr.) Vance H. Marchbanks Jr., one of the […]

1st Annual Corpsman.com Telethon Wednesday 1000 till 0200 Thursday CST (08 Dec-09Dec), come watch and support our site!

You ever see the “CRAZY EDDIE” commercials? Ever see one of those crazy Infomercials? Well I will now be lumped into that category as I will do anything to support our site. Starting tomorrow at 1000 CST, I will be filming live until 0200 CST on Thursday. I will take requests, I will study with you […]

Military Times: SITREP June 29th -July 5th


Naval hospitals stress flu prevention

This article is from Navy Times.  It is Pertinent info and I want to get it out to “EVERYONE”.  Folks this is the “REAL DEAL”.  Please take measures to protect you and your family.  Understand though, there have been no casualties here in the States as of yet.  The best treatment for this type of […]

TRICARE Monthly Premiums Decrease for TRS

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Effective Jan. 1, 2009, TRICARE will reduce the rates for TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS). Monthly premiums for TRS individual coverage will drop 44 percent from $81 to $47.51, and TRS family coverage will drop 29 percent from $253 to $180.17. The 2009 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), section 704, required TRICARE […]

Courts Martial Info

By Mathew B. Tully Special to the Times The information in this column is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. Readers are encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney or other professional when an opinion is needed. In the wake of recent publicity surrounding the controversial court-martial […]

Read the names in the article. Remember who wants to shaft you..

I believe deep down in my heart, that anyone “VOTING” on military issues, must volunteer for a 15 month Deployment to IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN prior to being eligible to vote for us in the military. Get off your asses and see what is really going on.  Go sweat where we sweat, go miss your family […]


You had better learn this, I am sure it will be a part of SOY/SOQ/BJOY/BJOQ boards in the near future.. I will post the Ethos first and the message below. THE NAVY ETHOS: — WE ARE THE UNITED STATES NAVY, OUR NATION’S SEA POWER – READY GUARDIANS OF PEACE, VICTORIOUS IN WAR. — WE ARE […]

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