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Thursday, September 29, 2022

AOTC #44 –Shaken Not Stirred–FINAL

Episode #44 –Shaken Not Stirred, is final.

You can download the episode here: AOTC #44–“Shaken Not Stirred”

Tonights Hosts: Da-Chief, 8404(Tony) and the Mystery Instructor: PegasusHM, DeeDee was on IM and handled the boards. 🙂

Topics: New James Bond Movie, Quantom of Solace, 8404’s Son is graduating Radiology Tech School in San Diego on the 26th of November, (Congrats) so he will be heading out to California until the 1st of December to visit him and other friends and family.

We received a update from PegasusHM on the goings on @ Corps School in Great Lakes. I.e Leave periods etc for the holidays.

Remember we tape these live on Wednesday Nights @ 2110 EST on the Talkshoe network.  If you have a question that you would like answered  on the show, Please email me @ admin1@corpsman.com, With your Username/NIC and your question.  I need them at the latest the Tuesday night prior to the taping so I can do the research needed for your answer.

We have 1 more show for November then we go on a hiatus for the week of Thanksgiving.  We will be back the first week of December. Remember 1 more week to go for this month so please get your questions in.

Oh yes last but not least, Please get your submissions in to DeeDee @ editor@corpsman.com, for the November Newsletter. She would like notes or articles from you about what Veterans Day, or Thanksgiving meen to you.  Also if you have any pictures you would like included in the newsletter please email it to her as well with the names of the folks in the picture as well as where and when it was taken.

We need Doc’s for our Adopt a Doc program!! If your going to deploy and want to be adopted by a family for the duration, please email Dee as well @ editor@corpsman.com.

Thats it!! The FORCM Letter will be going out tomorrow AM as we just recieved it late this afternoon due to the holidays..


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