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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ok we had the good, now here is the Bad.. What a MORON!

Navy corpsman faces weapons charge in N.C.

Desmond McGill

Desmond McGill

The Associated Press
Posted : Friday Mar 6, 2009 9:33:04 EST

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — A Navy corpsman has been charged with possession of a weapon of mass destruction in eastern North Carolina.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reported that 25-year-old Gregory Desmond McGill was charged Thursday by Onslow County sheriff’s deputies.

McGill had been arrested Tuesday after deputies said he had a concealed gun, ax, machete and Molotov cocktails in his car. The vehicle was about 100 feet from the Hubert Volunteer Fire Department, where his estranged wife’s roommate works.

While McGill was in jail, detectives found a military M81 time blasting fuse in his home Thursday and added the charge of possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

McGill was scheduled for a first appearance in court Friday. It was unclear where McGill was stationed and whether he had an attorney.

From NavyTimes.com


2 Responses to “Ok we had the good, now here is the Bad.. What a MORON!”
  1. The One Called Doc says:

    So I know what he was arrested for but what was it that got him cuaght? M81 Fuse = Weapon of Mass Destruction? If its the same M81 Fuse I am thinking of you couldn't blow anything up with JUST a M81… Maybe he could light a cig with it. How does that equal MASS Destruction? Even with shock tube and a blasting cap he would only be able to duplicate the blast of maybe 4-5 M80's (the firework) which is just enough to take off your hand and maybe, just maybe, a small portion of your wrist… Let me know if I'm wrong here guys.

  2. Da-Chief says:

    I don't care, he's still a MORON!! He knew the rules, we all do/did we do “NOT” Take this crap home “EVER”…