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Monday, September 23, 2019

Great World Of WarCraft ULDUAR Clip, ULDUAR=DEFIANCE

As most of you know I play WOW during my free time. Right now I have a level 46 Hunter (Alliance) so I have not seen Ulduar, ….


But this well done clip makes me and will keep me working on leveling up.

If you play WOW and don’t have a guild, contact me @ rem-misfits@gmail.com and I will forward you more info.



3 Responses to “Great World Of WarCraft ULDUAR Clip, ULDUAR=DEFIANCE”
  1. buy wow gold says:

    That video clip is really great! Thanks for sharing.

    I also play WoW during my free time. My night elves (Alliance) is now level 25.

  2. D. Moon says:

    FOR THE HORDE!!! You allies have a long way to go toward 80

  3. Alex says:

    I play WoW also. Lvl 80 Tauren hunter named Mctasty on Perenolde. If you are on that realm look me up. One last thing, For tha Horde!