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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Uniform Uniformity?? (Say that 5 times fast wacka wacka wacka!)

This type of article is fun.

It gets people seeing red, green, sandy and they just go plain NUTS!!


It seems that Congress wants to mandate our operational uniforms.ย  (WHO KNEW? )
But first.. I want to show you the 4 services Cammie uniforms, and then I will post the article from Navytimes.

For once I have to say.. Congress has a point.

That and the Air Force Uniform Belt, reminds me of Santa Clause’s belt!

Without further ado.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The US ARMY, a smart looking uniform, makes sense!

Army Operational Uniform

Army Operational Uniform

Same with the USMC, a great well thought out uniform.

Marine Corps Cammies

Marine Corps Cammies

And now the uniforms where you just wonder who thought them up..

The Navy. Because everyone knows it is so easy to see a blue uniform that exactly matches waves in the Sea!!

Nice "BLUE" Cammies

Nice "BLUE" Cammies

And last but Not least.. And really.. I think it looks like they should be tour guides in Australia.. The US AIR FORCE!



So here is the article from NavyTimes.. Enjoy and comment below!

Lawmakers have dropped the idea of making everyone in combat wear the exact same uniform and camouflage pattern.

But out of concern for safety, function and performance, they want more cooperation between the services over ground combat and utility clothing.

The key concern is that U.S. personnel wearing different uniforms in a combat zone raise the risk of friendly fire.

The services raised enough of a fuss about having different needs that lawmakers dropped from the 2010 defense authorization bill a proposed requirement to standardize combat uniforms in the future.

In a report accompanying the defense bill, congressional negotiators agreed that the services may have uniforms that โ€œuniquely reflect the identity of the individual services.โ€ But the report says lawmakers still want uniforms that minimize the risk of mistaken identity and share technological advances and improvements across all services.

Lawmakers also directed the services to establish joint criteria for ground combat uniforms, and expect special operations forces to be covered by the joint standards.

To prod more cooperation in uniforms, lawmakers ordered a quick, 180-day assessment by the Government Accountability Office that will look at what uniforms are now in use, their advantages, similarities and differences.

Comment below, this oughta be fun!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


8 Responses to “Uniform Uniformity?? (Say that 5 times fast wacka wacka wacka!)”
  1. Gerald Davison says:

    I Knew one day someone would have something to say abt the various “operational uniforms” now in play.
    As much as I like th MARPRINT pattern(s), We are the US Military. We need a “uniform standard” for the ground combat forcesthat represents us as a whole so that WE are easily identifiable to each other.

  2. Da_Chief says:

    I tend to agree with you. I know when I was assigned to the Marine Corps and we had Army with us.. it was really quite the sight.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good Comment.

    Who knew the Congress could make sense.. but then they backed down.

  3. Da_Chief says:

    I tend to agree with you. I know when I was assigned to the Marine Corps and we had Army with us.. it was really quite the sight.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good Comment.

    Who knew the Congress could make sense.. but then they backed down.

  4. I agree that uniformity is important. But I haven't been in a year yet and look at how many uniforms have changed. The working whites and Johnny Cashs' out. New PT gear, new NSU. Then switching over to the NWU from Utilities which I still have yet to buy. Can't we just settle on something already?

  5. HM3 Schmidt says:

    The army might as well wear civilian clothes for how useful they are. And yes the Navy cammies are a joke. Can't go wrong with good ole Marine Digitals! I would say put the Air Force and Army in Marine Digitals with their own collar devices but those branches don't deserve the honor of wearing this uniform.

  6. USAF SrA says:

    That is NOT the current Air Force uniform. That looks like some failed prototype. The current USAF uniform is the ABU. It is essentially the same format as the old BDU, except in a digital tigerstripe pattern in colors similar to the Army ACU.

  7. dude says:

    The BDU and the CDU were good uniforms. if the digi look is so good than they shuld have-just updated all branches with the new patern with out the USMC logo.

  8. US Army PV2 Williams says:

    The digi is cool & everyone but the AF has it. I like that every branch looks different, especially since we all carry out different types of missions.ย