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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Navy CHIEF’s Need to get their ACT TOGETHER!!

New MCPON Rick West

New MCPON Rick West

Too many senior enlisted sailors have gotten into trouble over the past several weeks — and the Navy’s top master chief wants it to stop now.

Following a year in which 10 command master chiefs or chiefs of the boat were detached for cause — and an average of 54 sailors ranked E-7 and up are busted for drunken driving every year — Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (SS/SW) Rick West delivered a broadside to his top master chiefs Dec. 11.

In a personal message to senior enlisted leaders, West said too many chief petty officers have gotten in trouble for driving under the influence, sexual assault, domestic violence, fraternization and general misconduct.

He directed all his CMCs to meet with their chiefs’ messes to discuss the problem, and he said fleet and force master chiefs will brief him on any major disciplinary problem involving a chief.

“This is unacceptable within our mess and must stop immediately,” he said in the personal message, a copy of which was obtained by Navy Times.

To read West’s message and the full story, check out this week’s Navy Times, on newsstands now.

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