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Friday, June 21, 2024


I have received reports about HM2’s death.  His family has been notified.

HM2 Qi was with OHSU DALLAS DET C from NOSC Austin, TX and volunteered to mobilize and deploy with 4th LAR out of Camp Pendleton, CA.

He was on foot patrol in Helmand Province when a suicide bomber attacked. Didn’t make it to MTF.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Xin’s family, shipmates, Marines and Friends.

The official Notification Reads:

The Department of Defense announced today the death of a sailor who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Xin Qi, 25, of Cordova, Tenn., died Jan. 23, while supporting combat operations in Afghanistan. Qi was assigned to Fourth Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Expeditionary Brigade – Afghanistan.

For further information related to this release, contact Marine Forces Reserve Public Affairs at 504-235-6128.

I don’t have a picture of HM2, but when we obtain one I will post it.



42 Responses to “HM2 Xin Qi, KIA In AFGHANISTAN 23 JAN 2010”
  1. Dori McDowell says:

    (((hugz))) for family and friends….Thank you HM2 Qi….Would give anything to have been there in your shoes Devil Doc! <3 HM3 McDowell (Retired)

  2. HA Bell says:

    Thank you HM2. Your service doesn't go unnoticed. I appreciate you. My heart goes out to your family & friends, that includes your Marines, and Sailors. May you always be remembered for your great things in life.

  3. HM3(soon to be devil doc) says:

    On judgement day, God will probably say, Corpsman Up! your place has been reserved. For all the deeds you did while on earth, your heavenly reward is well deserved.
    HM2 my thoughts go out to your family.

  4. doc dave says:

    As a combat HM2 in Viet Nam…my family was always concerned. Your son “DID THE BEST” for his Marines….they all counted on your “DOC” and he was there for them all, despite the danger.

    He was special and there is a hole in all of our hearts with his loss. We are all sorry for your lose.

  5. Jared H-M says:

    my best to you in this time of need your son has a special place reserved for him, “for no greater love hath man that he lay down his life for his brother”
    HMC(FMF) Harm

  6. Kenny Epps says:

    Thank you “Doc” For your service. Rest in peace.

    DevilDoc Epps

  7. migo says:

    To the parents of this special young “Doc”, no one will ever know the depth of your pain and loss but you, but please blieve me as a parent of a young Corpsman who has served with Marine EOD in Iraq and then STP in Helmand, I had many sleepless nights worrying about our son and feel I have some idea of the grief you are suffering. The Marines love their Docs because he is there for his Marines like no other and your son I am told was exceptional young man. If I could meet you I would hug you as one parent to another. I leave you with this quote from Abraham Lincoln –Nov. 21, 1864 “I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.”

  8. HM1(FMF) D. Courtney says:

    As a fellow HM who served with EOD (Task Force Tarawa) during the initial invasion and with EOD and Recon in 2005, I am well aware of the dangers and sacrifices in those surroundings. Make no mistake about it, your son was assigned with EOD because he was the best at what he did. While there is nothing anyone can say to ease your pain, please know that the HM brotherhood lost a brother whose bravery and honor is unparalelled and we all feel pain when our bravest HM's answer the final call. In our hearts and minds, we know he was a hero and I guarantee he is still looking down and watching over his family and Marines….. To his family- my deepest sympothy. To HM2- Semper Fi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. James Walker says:


    HM1 James Walker
    EMF Dallas 04-05

  10. gloriaz says:

    As the Parent of a sailor, I want to send my deepest sympathy to the family of Xin Qi.
    He died so we may continue to live free!

    Navy Corpsman Mom in Indiana

  11. Every time I hear another HM has been KIA, my heart feels heavy. Rest in peace, HM2.


  12. Jeanette says:

    My deepest and heartfelt sympathy to his family. As a mother of a Corpsman I can't imagine what you are going through. May your pain be eased in knowing how truely brave he was. May he rest in peace.

  13. S Thomas says:

    Rest in Peace, Doc! Semper Fi! My condolences to your family.

  14. HMC Kloka says:

    Before he transferred to Austin in 08, HM2 Qi drilled at my Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) in Millington, TN. He was quiet, but always had a smile. HM2 Qi was one of those special Corpsmen, who genuinly enjoyed helping people. He was very well liked and respected by other enlisted and the officers in his unit. RIP Xin, RIP.

    HMC Kloka

  15. Jennifer Petre says:

    My heart is with the family. We know first hand the grief, loss, frustration and sadness that you are feeling. It's hard to justify or try to make sense of this. Hold hold on to those memories, through them he will remain close to you forever. I wish I could write more, or say something to help, but my pain is still raw. Please feel free to email me, sometimes talking to a stranger (who also knows and understands) helps.
    I have so much respect of all of our Military….you are all hero's.

  16. HMC(FMF) Guingab says:

    For HM2 and his family,
    Rest in peace brother.
    For the family; rest assured the entire HM community feels the pain of your loss. We will remember HM2 as how we remember our other fallen comrades. For they are a special, rare breed of men and women; who knows no harm that can stop them to heed the call “Corpsman Up!”

  17. danmoffett says:

    For HM2 and his Family,
    My son is awaiting deployment as HN and there is not a day I do not pray for him…It takes a Special Man to accept the responsibility of not only defending his fellow Marines but for caring for them when they are in need of life support……”Corpsman Up” is just not a saying …it represents all that is good in a man….HM2 Qi is now with God and joins the list of TRUE HEROS………..To HM2 Qi Semper Fi……………. and to his family You can be MOST PROUD of your FINE SON.God Bless you..

  18. hm3greenway says:

    HM2 Qi was a Hero. I'm so very sorry for his family. I'm very proud to have severed and known him. I have several pictures of HM2 Qi and would be happy to post them if someone can help by telling me how I can post pictures of our Corpsman bother on this website. HM2 Qi you will be missed!!!

  19. 8404 says:

    The Qi family has asked, through their CACO, for any and all photos of HM2 Qi. Any shipmates who may have a photo(s) of HM2 Qi can either post them within the following thread or forward them to 8404@corpsman.com or admin1@corpsman.com http://corpsman.com/forum/showthread.php?p=9976

  20. HM1 Keen, Iris says:

    I had the honor of working with HM2 Qi in Austin. His dedication is an example to all. I know he now rest with our Lord and we will see him again.

  21. HM3(FMF) Partain,Christopher says:

    i had the privilege to work with this fine corpsman. he was a great mentor and leader. we got our FMF warfare devices together and served together in twentynine palms,ca. you will not be forgotten. you were an honest hardworking man. fair winds and following seas shipmate.
    HM3(FMF) Partain.

  22. Lettuce says:

    I'm gonna miss ya friend. Smile that Big Ole Smile and and don't forget dear “CHEE-TOE” that you were so very special, motivated, and one-of-a-kind. We will all remember you. Who's gonna make us ramen in the coffee pot now? Thank you for teaching us and for being a good leader. You made us all laugh and smile. You raised the bar. You were a good Doc. I will always remember you “cheetoe”

  23. hm1peteragutierrez says:

    To the family of HM2 Xin Qi, I send my heartfelt condolences and prayers during this time of grief and despair. I hope you will find some inner peace and strength that you can draw upon to assist you in coping with the loss of your son.

    As the HM1/LPO in the pre-deployment phase of this DET, I used to give HM2 Qi a ride back to his barracks on an almost nightly basis back on Camp Pendleton. We would talk about silly things like computers, women, music or just what happened during the day. I found those moments with HM2 Qi delightful in that I was no longer a supervisor, but we were just two “docs” enjoying each others company on a ride back to the barracks after a very long work day. Often on the drives back to the barracks, I would look over to see HM2 Qi drifting off to sleep. I never asked him why he would always sleep in my car – maybe it was exhaustion because his mind always seemed to be working on solving some sort of computer problem or maybe it was just that he felt comfortable enough with me driving that he could find a moment or two of peace to just relax and not care about anything else in his immediate world. I marveled in those brief moments of silence as the mountains and grasses of Camp Pendleton swept by us on the drive and HM2 Qi silently nodded off to sleep – undisturbed by all the things going on around or near him and content with a catnap before waking up to a drop-off point somewhere near his meager open bay barracks there at Camp Pendleton.

    HM2 Qi had a very sharp, dry wit and was almost sinister with his knowledge of computers and computer programs. I found HM2 Qi to be highly motivated when prodded or provoked by the Marines in his unit. His normally soft-spoken self would become loud and boisterous when confronted by equally motivated Marines. HM2 Qi worked tirelessly during the pre-deployment phase to assist the battalion with making sure the medical readiness was completed and that our supply and personnel manifests were spot-on. HM2 Qi never said too much, but always just enough to let you know that he was listening or tuned into the topic being discussed.

    HM2 Qi, your smile, wit and wisdom will be remembered, your hard work and dedication to mission missed and your sacrifice to God and country never forgotten. Semper fortis, fair winds and following seas, brother!

  24. KB says:

    I am assigned to the Navy staff in the Pentagon and for those interested, the following email was circulated today:

    “HM2 Xin Qi, along with four Marines, was killed by a suicide bomber in Helmand Province last Saturday (see below). He was the only son of Chinese imigrants, very proud parents, and he had no other family in the U.S. His funeral services are at Arlington National Cemetary next Tuesday, 02 Feb at 1500. His family requests a private service with family, friends, and his military shipmates. It would mean a great deal to HM2's family if there was a significant Navy presence at the service.”

    As it said, other than parents, there is no other family in the country and his parents don't even have a picture of him beyond age 10. What a fitting tribute it would be to have those that knew him or didn't, honor him at Arlington this Tuesday.

  25. hm2semmierush says:

    Qi (Chee) was a great guy. I had the opportunity to work with him on many occasions. Great guy. He was always looking for ways to turn training ops into the best experience possible. I have several pics and would be more than happy to get them to the family. He is definitely is going to be missed.

    Rest In Peace Brother!

  26. retiredcorpsman says:

    God Bless the Qi family.

  27. davidebarrett says:

    Shipmates, I support the Navy staff as well, and would be more than happy to take the lead on ensuring photographs of HM2 Qi are quickly routed though the chain of command. I'm sure his family would greatly appreciate them. If available, email to: David.Barrett@TSMCorporation.com along with date, location, and a short description.

  28. Proud Dadf a US Marine says:

    I am Chinese imigrant too, with same last name of Qi. My son is a Marine Lance Corporal and he called me right before his deployment, “Dad, guess what, Navy sent us a corpsman and his last name is exactly same as mine”. My wife and I have chance met him at headquarter of 4TH LAR in Camp Pendleton and he was not very big, but full of energy. I was deeply sorrowed and disturbed by his death. Xin Qi is still too young and got a lot of dreams not fullfilled yet. May God bless him rest in peace and comfort his family.

  29. hm3xerxes says:

    Qi was an outstanding HM, he had that winning combination of sincere humility and excessive dedication to the job.. He was good at what he did.. and was hands down the zaniest and most unpredictably hilarious sailor I've ever worked with. Which is quite the accomplishment.. because Qi didn't drink. And this is the navy we're talking about here. His sense of humor definitely helped me laugh away some of the stresses of garrison life in 29 palms.. And i'm still greatful for the intellectual stimulation he provided, always talking about the latest technologies and always willing to find smart solutions to work related problems. Overall he was an intelligent and reliable shipmate and human being. He was one of the only HMs that I made sure to stay in contact with after I got off active duty.. the last time I spoke with him he was going to school in Austin, looking for an apartment and hoping for a deployment. The guy had a strong sense of clarity when it came to living with purpose.. He quietly but unwaveringly adhered to his own ethic and maintained his honor. His family should be proud, from Chinese or American perspective. Those of you that knew him should be proud..
    Rest in peace Qi

  30. HM1(SW/FMF) Lopezbarrera says:

    Rest In Peace Brother

  31. IDCWife says:

    Peace be with HM2 and his family.

  32. LCDR OPNAV Staff says:

    Just returned from the funeral at Arlington National Cemetary. Joint Chief of Staff ADM Mullen, Chief of Navy Reserve, VADM Debbink, at least five other flag officers and a contingent of sailors and Marines 120+ attended. Full honors rendered. Solemn occasion. Parents seemed appreciative, yet heart-broken of course. I hope they get to read your comments as they seem anxious to know as much as they can about who their son was to those who knew him.

  33. yi_bearers says:

    i was on the casket bearer set that folded his flag today.. was my honor to lay a brother to rest

  34. MADDOC says:

    Doc Qi – It was an honor to be at your funeral yesterday. You were a great Corpsman – you loved your Marines and fellow Docs. You will be missed. We will carry on the mission. Rest in peace.



  35. HM3 Ellis says:

    My prayers go out to HM2's family he was in my unit here in Nosc memphis and really enjoyed him being apart of us, never a complaint but always a smile. HM2 you will be greatly missed and a hero to our country.

  36. Doc Burke says:

    As always, we stand together as the Corpsman community to mourn the death of a brother and shipmate. You will never be forgotten, and your ultimate sacrifice honors, you, your family and your country. Semper Fi!

  37. sonnier says:

    doc qi was a great man and im honored to have had the privledge of serving with him

  38. William Nguyen says:

    I had the pleasure to join the navy around the same time petty officer QI did. He was in my brother division in bootcamp and brother company throughout Navy Hospital Corps School in great lakes. We went to FMSS together and he was a highly motivated individual who would not walk but run to everything, no matter how hot or cold. He was dedicated to his job with lots of passion for his Marines. Rest in Peace my brother.

  39. Waveslide73 says:

    Semper Fi Doc! Fair Winds and Following Seas shipmate! Thank you for your service and sacrafice.
    HM3(FMF) “Ski”

  40. Just a Bee says:

    In 2 days it’ll be a year Doc. Man I remember when the other Seabee’s and myself came to the Castle and how you said it was great to have more Navy around. We only knew you for 3 weeks, but you made one lasting Impression. There’s a picture of you in the walls that BAS that we built. Semper Fi Doc.

  41. Da_Chief says:

    Thanks David for your remembrance

  42. HM3 Dyess, Clay Paul says:

    I have photos of a run we did together in June 2010 during an OHSU joint mission in South Dakota. Email me if you would like the pictures. Semper Fi.

    HM3 Dyess, Clay Paul (8482/8404)