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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

100th Episode of AOTC!!!! We tape our 100th Show Wednesday Night 2130 EST!

100th Episode of AOTC!

100th Episode of AOTC!

An invitation goes out to you all for our 100th Episode of AOTC.

Our first Episode was taped on August 9th, 2006.  4 years ago.. can you believe it.  We have struggled but persevered.  We have Laughed, we have cried, cursed, moaned.

We have done it all.

Wednesday Night @ 2130 EST.

I hope you will join us to celebrate our 100th show here: Corpsman.com on Justin.tv

You can call us to leave a message to be played during the show or call live while taping, just call (847) 693-7887.

Thank you,

Da-Chief & 8404!


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