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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Telethon to Start today (Wed) at 10:00 AM CST till 0200 CST (Thursday) Call us!


Support Corpsman.com, Call us during our 1st Annual Telethon supporting our site. Operators are standing by!

WHAT:  Corpsman.com 1st Annual Telethon to support our site

WHEN: Today (WED) from 1000-0200 (Thurs) CST.

WHERE:  Here on Corpsman.com, a plug-in or instructions will be available telling you how to watch and join in..

CAN I GET INVOLVED?:  Yes you can.. you can call and leave a message or call in during the show live @ (847)693-7887.  We will answer your calls on the air or play your message and also the answer we have devised.

HOW CAN I HELP?:    Just come and watch.  If you like what you see, maybe you can drop a donation to us to help support our mission here on Corpsman.com.

CAN I SEND DA-CHIEF A PIZZA, HE LOOKS HUNGRY!: By all means.. we can tell you how to do it.. 😉

OK I DON’T HAVE A LOT OF MONEY RIGHT NOW BUT WANT TO HELP, HOW CAN I? :  Shipmate just come by and join in on the fun.

I hope you will join us!!


One Response to “Telethon to Start today (Wed) at 10:00 AM CST till 0200 CST (Thursday) Call us!”
  1. Kenneth Sharp says:

    Hi: There
    I would like to see a Telethon to raise around 3 million dollars so we can have the Bio-Kidney under Dr.Shuvo Roy at the University of California developed sooner so patients do not have to be tethered to dialysis machines for long periods of time
    Thanks for listening
    Kenneth Sharp
    Longest survivior on kidney dialysis in Canada
    If you put Gerd Krick Achevement Award in Google you will see me