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Saturday, May 25, 2024

AOTC #103 this weekend. Watch Twitter and Corpsman.com for times.

Attack of Da-Chief, Corpsman.com Netcast

I was expecting to do AOTC #103 this tonight, Thursday but Mother Nature had other plans.

You may have heard we had a storm day before yesterday.  Our house was socked with 24 inches of snow and drifts of 6-8 feet in my driveway.

To say it was a feat of strength to clear it is/was an understatement.  I am still totally wiped out.

I had paid a gentleman to come and plow my driveway, but he blew his tranny in my driveway.  He lost reverse then we had to pull him out. So the whole day where I thought I was going to get off easy by hiring a plow, were dashed.  I have muscles hurting that I forgot I even had.


So watch for us on twitter (http://twitter.com/corpsman_c0m), our Facebook groups (Look up Corpsman.com) or here on our site.

This will all be dependent on 8404 (Tony’s) Schedule. He has been tolerant of my schedule and I have to be the same for him.

Hope to see you this weekend.


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