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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Happy Memorial Day 2011

Da-Chief's Wild ride!

Happy Memorial Day 2011.
Usually I do a big to-do for these holidays, but for the first time since we have been married, Karen and I went on a family vacation with the kids.  We left on the 17th of May and got back yesterday the 29th from Florida.

Yes we did the Disney, Sea World, Universal trip.  9 days in all in theme parks, with 4 kids, ages 23, 12, 10, 8.

We had been planning this trip for so long, but something always seemed to come up, we were supposed to go last year in the fall, but I hurt my back, and was out of commission for a long road trip.

I have to give it to my wife, she planned this thing down to the n’th degree, and we did it, we saw “EVERYTHING” that we set out for.

Travel Day: Drove from Wisconsin through the night to Florida 20 hours on the 17th-18th..

Day 1; Sea World

Day 2: Disney;n Magic Kingdom

Day:3 Disney; Epcot

Day 4: Pool day, Hanging around the resort Compound we were staying at, looking at Peacocks  and other wildlife and hanging in the pool and resting our aching feet.

Day5″ Disney; Hollywood Studios

Day 6: We switched a bit and went to Universal Studios Florida

Day 7: Disney Animal Kingdom.

Day 8: We took another Day at the pool and just rested, I think we covered at least 10-13 miles per day on foot in each park.  This was hard enough on adults, but Poor Spencer had to walk twice as much as us as he is shorter.   Blisters were treated, rest was achieved.

Day9: The day that my kids were so excited about, Universal “Islands of Adventure” AKA, Harry Potter park.
We spent almost the whole day in J.K. Rowlings epic masterpiece of a park.  It was much loved by all, and would give it 2+ Thumbs up for this park. (The + is if I was able to have more hands I would give it more thumbs.).  This park is the “SCHIZNIT” if your into the Harry Potter Universe.

It is something to see your kids in wondrous rapture (Heh heh.. Rapture…) watching this world come to life.  Everyone from my oldest Son Christopher who is 23 years old all the way to Spencer who is 8, loved this park, as did the adults.

TRAVEL DAY BACK: We left on Saturday AM and made it back yesterday AM non-stop again.. (Next Time I’m flying.. Pinching pennies now!)

Some might wonder why I would talk about a family trip when every other site is dedicating it to those we have lost etc on Memorial Day.

I can put it like this.. as this happened on our trip, and if you follow me on facebook, you would have seen me tell the story…

When we were in the Magic Kingdom on our first day I saw a person who was a leg amputee from behind getting on the “River Boat Ride”  I also saw he was wearing “Cammie” type shorts…. This was what I posted on Facebook;

Shook the hand of a Marine leg amputee today from PA, and thanked him and his family..
Told my kids This is what a true hero looks like..
Just thought that even tho we are at Disney that has heroes, that I would show them a real one.

My kids thought Dad was off his rocker when I waited for this Marine to come off the boat, but I told them it was important that even though we were on vacation, there were those who have sacrificed so much more so we could have this vacation.  This Marine was a living example of this, he had given his leg during a fight to the enemy.  They saw a real hero.

I also explained that there were those we could not see, who had given their all so, and were not just missing a leg, arm etc, but had given their lives so we could have this best family experience we had ever had.  I told them what “Memorial Day” was all about.

The looks in their eyes when they thanked the Marine with Karen and I and his family just melted my heart.  My oldest son Chris, walked up to me later on and told me “Dad that was cool, more parents should do this”.

I then knew although we had a great time, a lesson was learned.

I hope everyone enjoys this Memorial Day weekend, stays safe, and takes a moment to remember what it is all about.

I want to wish a happy Memorial Day to the Emch’s, Petre’s, Castiglioni’s.. Who gave the ULTIMATE Sacrifice, a loved one, so you can celebrate this weekend..

Don’t lose site of what this weekend is all about with all the Sales, Oprah’s goodbye, (What did she do to protect you?) etc??

Stay Safe..Kiss your kids, your wife and your dogs, remember what it is all about..

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