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Thursday, June 13, 2024

ARMY loses 2 Medical Personel, Staff Sgt. Christopher R. Newman, Lt. Col. David E. Cabrera, KIA, 29 OCT 2011

I come to work in a good mood, then Doc Pardue alerts me to these Hero’s who were lost in Afghanistan to an IED.

I’m so damn mad, really mad and sad.

SSGT Newman, LTCOL Cabrera, US ARMY, KIA 29 OCT 2011 in Afghanistan

It s with a heavy heart that Corpsman.com alerts fellow Doc’s we have lost 2 Doc’s.  One an Officer, LT.COL Cabrera, a medical officer, and SSGT Newman.  Both were traveling when an IED was discharged.  2 other fellow Army personel were lost as well with the blast, a total of 4 lost their lives.

Corpsman.com Sends out Prayers and thoughts to SSGT Newman and LTCOL Cabrera’s Families, fellow soldiers, Comrades in Arms, Friends.

Please leave condolence messages below, and remember that family members and friends read these.



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