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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

BlackBerry, Apple IPhone, AT&T BlackJack????

So my wifes phone is up for renewal in Feb. (Yeah it seems like a long time but..) and I am looking to get her a new phone probably sooner then later. We have AT&T and have had great service with them here in the Chicagoland area. She has a 1st gen Samsung Blackjack, which has served her well. I have the same phone but with some upgrades as I got mine later. It runs windows mobile 5 out of the box and can be upgraded to 6.0.

Apple IPhone

To /do to her job, connectivity is a must. While the IPhone looks sleek etc, I know it can not multi-task if your doing a function and a call comes in you lose your work etc.

BlackBerry 8310

The Blackberry seems to be the way most corporate go. The Blackberry 8310 is what AT&T offers but there is no Wi-fi. You have to use the 8330 which other Wireless providers use. (One thing about AT&T, they try to get every penny from you, they don’t want you to use Wireless if you can. They make more money if you use the dataplan.) Problem with Blackberry, it does not use “3G” technology yet. This is not AT&T’s fault, but Blackberry’s. Most don’t know it but Blackberry comes out of Canada. If you don’t know about the Internet up there.. (ROGERS GOUGES EVERYONE) Then you would not understand.

Samsung BlackJack 2

Samsung is out with the BlackJack 2. It is running the most current version of Windows Mobile. The thing I don’t like about Windows Mobile, it tries to be regular windows but on a mobile platform. While I “LOVE” Microsoft Window “VISTA”, I don’t think this type of setup is right for a phone.

Are any of you using these phones? If so are you able to get data for Meds etc for them? Nursing modules?

What do you think??

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