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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope, Look at the Stars on your PC!

I am a Astronomy junkie, have been since I was a kid who lived in Twain Harte, Ca who on summer nights would go to the “ROCK” at the Twain Harte lake with Andy Rake armed with a Telescope to see the moon and the stars. Twain Harte was in the Sierra’s and I lived there for 10 years of my young life. No City lights to obscure the heavens wonders.

I can’t do that up here near Chicago, to many city lights to see the nights arial display. Now I can do it from the comfort of my office..


On May 12’th Microsoft released the “Microsoft Worldwide Telescope” Project.

Shipmates “WOW” I mean “WOWW!”

Take a look, if you have kids and want to help them learn about the heavens above, check to see if your machine can run this. It is really slick.

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