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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Things that make you go hmmmmm….A Comment that needs to be clarified (GI BILL & TAXES)

Da-Chief Thinking

In a earlier article I wrote about the new GI bill and taxes .. I received this response today. I just thought you all should see my response.

From: Chris
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 8:37 AM
To: admin1@corpsman.com
Subject: GI Bill Comment

Are you insinuating that high earners don’t support the military and don’t pay enough in taxes by this comment?

(May 15)

Well I know we have plenty of Millionaire kids out there serving in the military. (HAH!).
They won’t support the military and they won’t pay for more taxes to support the military or the new GI Bill.

No I am not insinuating that High earners aren’t paying their taxes..

What I am saying is “High Earners” while loving your protectionism by us low paid “Service folks” are bickering about paying some more money “FOR” the GI Bill.

That is what I am saying..

Look I am not a Political Nut, really I am not, but the majority of the folks who are serving come from Middle to low income areas.  The old GI bill as it was written, you cannot go to College in this day and age with what we got.  You need a lot of help to do so.  I just think with the sacrifices we make (And believe me I have given up quite a bit during my 24 years) I think we have earned a bit of help.

That’s all.

Thanks for the comment Chris!

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