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Saturday, May 25, 2024

New unit at Portsmouth medical center

This is a good idea, but only 13 BEDS??? WTF?? What are they thinking,  we are only sending 13 injured folks to the Portsmouth area??


PORTSMOUTH, Va. — A new unit being created at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center will allow injured sailors and Marines to live near their doctors and therapists while recovering.

The 13-bed unit called The Patriots’ Inn will include office space for Navy liaisons, disability counselors and representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Those offices were previously scattered throughout the medical campus.

Officials say the 18,500-square-foot facility will $3.3 million and is expected to open next June. The living quarters will be more like hotel accommodations than hospital rooms.

The unit will serve those who suffer wounds in Iraq or Afghanistan and sailors recovering from noncombat injuries. It will also serve military members who need temporary housing before they are processed out of service for their injuries.

NMC Portsmouth

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