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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

HM2(FMF) Anthony Carbullido KIA **08 August 2008, Naval Hospital Corps School Loses a Doc in Afghanistan.


Naval Hospital Corps School has lost HM2(FMF) Anthony Carbullido who is from the island of Guam, was IA (Individual Augmantee) over in Afghanistan on 08 August 2008(**Corrected from 07 August to 08 August Per DOD Notification).  I know the family has been notified as well as NHCS.

You can leave a condolence message @ CONDOLENCE

This hits home for me as this Doc was stationed there when I was at NHCS.  He was killed by an IED.

I will post more info when it is released to me.

Once again, the family notification has been made, as well as command notification.

God Bless his family and shipmates and friends.  NHCS, of course you know you’re in Da-Chief’s family’s hearts and prayers.


(**Corrected from 07 August to 08 August Per DOD Notification)


10 Responses to “HM2(FMF) Anthony Carbullido KIA **08 August 2008, Naval Hospital Corps School Loses a Doc in Afghanistan.”
  1. eyeballs says:

    What a great guy, I can't say enough about Carbullido. Smart, repectful, funny, looked so sharp in his uniform, and so kind to everyone. I met him here in Afghanistan, we are on the same camp. He spent a lot of time down range and on missions, but when he would come back he would always stop by and say “hi Chief”. We had many great conversations. Every once in awhile we would see each other down range at other camps and spend the night just talking about our lives, careers, and families. I would always say hafadai brother, but he reminded me of my 18 year old son. I would call and check on him everyonce in awhile, since a lot of us sailors especially Corpsman are the only Navy people with these Army ETT/PMT. His team loved him, when they came back to camp they all hung out together. I would always see him with SGT Singh, they were really close. So I had a lot of repect for him (Singh) always looking out for one of our sailors. I was one of the 6 to carry him on the plane to go to Bagram and we did it in a really respectful and military way, we had the Italians, Spanish, and a few other countries there showing their respect, I saluted him and the flag and cried. The stop in Bagram everyone there will line the main street (Disney I think it is called) and salute him on the way to the plane taking him home. I am so glad I had the chance to meet him, and I can't wait to me him once again. Are camp was going to have his ceremony tomorrow, but t we are going to wait for his team to get back from their mission, I don't think they would want to miss it. If his family needs anything just call my wife at 757-686-0071. HMC Hill in Afghanistan

  2. Da_Chief says:

    Your right he was a great shipmate. I met/served with him prior to my retirement last year. He always had a positive upbeat attitude. Never grumped always smiling. My last duty in the Navy was with him, just a all around great “SHIPMATE”, and a Great Doc as well.

    My Condolences to you and your team over there. Keep your heads down..


  3. acervantes says:

    HM2(FMF) Carbullido was my corps school instructor. He was a very motivated HM2 who cared about his shipmates. I only knew him a short time, but he did have an impact. He will be missed.

  4. hmkimmel says:

    I met HM2 Carbullido at corps school; he was my instructor, my mentor.

    I was a very motivated female who wanted more than anything to get into dive mo. He did everything he could to get me there. During PT he would have me stay in the push up position while others went to the other side of the beach to get the “good sand” to put on my back, he would have me do arm circles until dusk, he had me swimming in the Great Lakes in January, he made me beleive in myself and what we, as Corpsman, were here to accomplish.

    HM2 Carbullido impacted my life in such a short amount of time and I hope to continue teaching all I learned from him to my fellow shipmates.

    You will never find a more motivated, more squared away, more perfect Corpsman than HM2 Anthony Carbullido.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Summer, and all his family, friends and shipmates.

  5. SCarbullido says:

    Thank you very much for your stories and your thoughts about Anthony. It means a lot to me that he has touched you in this way. I hope the best for all of you. Just remember to watch out for each other and remember everything he has taught you.

    HN Summer Carbullido

  6. larson8404 says:

    HM2 Carbullido was also my Corps School instructor from Dec '06-Apr '07. I've never forgotten him and never will. I've always told stories about some of the things he did while I was there. He was always my favorite instructor. His insane PT scheduale, his relentless motivation. I always thought he was invincible. He will be missed but never forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and daughter, I can't imagine your loss.

    We will all meet him again. God bless HM2, rest in peace.

  7. jennyb1 says:

    HM2 Carbullido was my one of my instructors in Corps School,

    I will never forget HM2, he was always willing to help me, as well as any other student. He always made sure everyone was squared away. He was just one of those people who stand out in a crowd. He had a great impact on my life while a student at Corps School, always pushing me to do my best, at whatever cost. HM2 was a wonderful person and outstanding Corpsman!!! When I look around and think back on the people who have impacted my life, his name always shows up. He will be missed greatly and I know in his time with us he has greatly positively impacted the life of many sailors!

    In regards to his family, I will keep you in my prayers. I am sorry for your lost, but please know your husband, son, has impacted the lifes of so many people and will never be forgotten!

    R.I.P. HM2

    WIth Sympathy,
    HM3 Brandenburg

  8. kendrac says:

    HM2 was also my instructor at Corps school and i worked with him up in instructor spaces (good times) but he was more than just an instructor, Though he did it in very unique ways, he pushed me past what i thought was my limit and made me realize that I have no limit. When the conversation of Corps school comes up he his always mentioned in my stories. He made a huge impact on my life and many of my corps school buddies. He made me laugh everyday and after going through an easy boot camp ( pt wise) he made me feel like i accomplished something in corps school : ) He was such a good instructor, shipmate, corpsman and all around great person. I will never forget everything he has done for me!

    and as brandenburg said to the family you will be in my prayers and know that HM2(FMF) Carbullido as truly impacted the lifes of young sailors out there

    HN Chaney, Kendra

  9. nilupak says:

    me and my buddies used to play basketball with him back in NHCS.. he's a great guy, very motivated, smart and dedicated to his job as a corpsman and instructor.. we'll never forget you HM2!!

  10. nilupak says:

    me and my buddies used to play basketball with him back in NHCS.. he's a great guy, very motivated, smart and dedicated to his job as a corpsman and instructor.. we'll never forget you HM2!!