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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Naval Hospital Corps School Interview Tonight on “ATTACK of Da-Chief” 2100-2300 EST

Tonight we will be hosting a Chief Petty Officer Instructor for a interview here on the Corpsman.com, Attack of Da-Chief, weekly Netcast.



PegasusHM just made Chief last month and was a instructor with me at NHCS when I was still in the Navy.  He is still working at NHCS as a instructor.  He also has had time serving with the Marine Corps, as well as with the SeaBee’s.

We can take any questions tonight about Naval Hospital Corps School, as well as the platforms he has served on.

I will not be giving his name unless he wants to, as we don’t want him pestered to no end at the School house by new Students.  🙂

Hope to see you!

When:  Tonight (Wednesday, Oct 1st) 2100-2300 EST
Where: Corpsman.com Live or on our Talkshoe page.  (Click the restpective link)
To call in you have to use the Talkshoe page so I can add you to the call!

We hope to see you!


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