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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Veterans Day 2008 Scuttlebutt Chat 2100-2300

November 11, 2008 by  
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**Note celebrate Veterans day with us tonight from 2100-2300 EST in the Scuttlebutt Forums, E-Club Chat room.  Drop by and say “Hi” on our Day!—D/C

This is the second year that I have stood on the other side of the fence as a Retired Sailor Vet, looking and admiring all of our Active Duty and Reserve Veterans who are still standing the watch.

To them I salute you.

But this year, I wanted to salute the retired, or separated vets who are standing the watch on the homefront helping families of those who are deployed or in the worst events, those who have been hurt or killed in service to their country.

Some are affiliated with Veteran service organizations, some are affiliated with web sites like ours, still standing the watch, doing multiple hours of research to help families or Actual service members in need.

The 3 folks I wanted to recognize this year are:


and DeeDee.

You couldn’t ask for 2 more different folks with different life tracks who were never Corpsmen in their years in the military.

8404 and his HAWG

8404 and his HAWG

8404, a Prior Marine(This is a quandary as there is no such thing as a prior MARINE, but you get my drift), and also a National Guard member. He a father of a Doc was interested in what his son was doing and came to our site just to get information. Being the kind and “EDUCATIONAL” person he is, (Have you ever met a Marine that didn’t want to tell you something?), he quickly became a part of our team. Tony Spends Countless hours researching info for Recruits, Service members, And Family members.

There is one thing he does that I really appreciate the most that I for one can’t do,  serve with the “Patriot Guard Riders”, assisting families of those injured or fallen. 8404, is a true hero to Da-Chief and I salute him on this day.



DeeDee, what can I say about her? Here was a woman who contacted me 3 years ago looking for a caduceus for a cake for her son who was about to leave for Boot to be a Doc. Dee and her Husband, Rob, were prior service Airmen (Air Force), and really didn’t know “SQUAT” about the Navy or the Doc Community. This soon changed as Dee became the mother hen to us all here and became our Editor for our Newsletter which has 18 monthly issues under our belt.

Most of all though, is how she has stepped up and has started our “ADOPT A DOC” program for those who are deployed overseas. Last year she started the venture and shipped many boxes out to those who were in Iraq, Afghanistan and other untold places. This has expanded to support “Anyone” who is deployed. We have more then enough folks willing to ship stuff out, now we just need folks to ship it to! This is a great problem to have, and it is all working because of Dee and Rob.

Last but not least, the one other person who “I” Look up to, and respect and is a Vet, is my wife. She is a prior FMF HM3, who did not serve a long time like me, but the time she did serve, made a impact on our Navy. Whats more, once she was out, she supported me as she understood our mission while we served. She had wore both hats, and yes her kids can say, “MY MOM WORE COMBAT BOOTS” because she did.

Today she is a RN, working in the ICU/Oncology Dept at a major hospital in Milwaukee. All her schooling she did while supporting her Navy Chief, 3 kids and several different Pets. You never heard her complain about my job, ever, she let me be the “CHIEF”.



Well now she is the “ADMIRAL” in my eyes, and I salute that HM3 from long ago.

Last but not least, all Vets deserve this day, every single one of you who “VOLUNTEERED” to serve our Country. Some Joined when we weren’t at war, others did. It does not matter, this is “OUR DAY”

Say thanks to a VET.

11 November 2008

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