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Saturday, May 25, 2024

FORCM Weekly update, E-Club Chat, AOTC info for week of 9 March 2009.

March 10, 2009 by  
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Thanks for visiting Corpsman.com.  This is a weekly update for you to this weeks activities on our site.

1.  We have received the Weekly “FORCM UPDATE” for the week of 10 March 2009.  It is posted on the front page of Corpsman.com as the lead story right now.  It is always available in the ships library as well. We thank the Force Master Chief’s office for providing this information for Doc’s everywhere.

2.  Tonight (TUESDAY 2100-2300 EST)  is our E-Club Chat in our forums ( http://www.corpsman.com/forum/ ).  DeeDee and Indy host our online Chat.  Bring any questions for recruiting, Career Counseling, Advancement etc to this chat.  Where else can you get direct answers on the spot.

3.  If Tuesday night were not enough, I host the AOTC (Attack of Da-Chief) Wednesday Nights from 2115-2300 EST on Corpsman.com Live ( http://www.corpsman.com/corpsman-com-live.html ) .  This is a audio and video Netcast using the Stickam Plug-in.  You can get involved in the chatroom on Stickam as well if you get a free account on Sticam.com.

Attack of Da-Chief, Corpsman.com Netcast

Attack of Da-Chief, Corpsman.com Netcast

Use this link to join our show:  http://www.stickam.com/viewJoin.do?uId=174243711

If you have a question to be answered on air, just leave a message on our Corpsman.com Phone number provided by Skype @ (847) 693-7887.  Voicemail is on at all times, we will check the messages and read them on air, and answer your questions.

You can also email us with questions @ admin1@corpsman.com.  Please give us at least 24 hours prior to the show to investigate a good response.

You can also download the netcast after the fact if you can’t make the show on ITUNES, Sign up for free and the netcast will be delivered automatically.

We hope to see / Hear from you!


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