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Thursday, September 29, 2022

GAO: Temporary retirement troops in limbo

Talk about a Cluster “F***!”

This program has been a problem for years.  I have had shipmates who have gone through the Temp Retirement Board.  It is true that you can’t get on with your life.

From the Air Force Times:

A new Government Accountability Office report takes the Defense Department to task for a temporary retirement system designed to allow service members to stabilize before they receive a final disability retirement rating.

Over a three-year period, 73 percent left the list — usually three years after they began the process — with a permanent disability rating that was exactly the same as their initial temporary disability rating. But while they’re on the list, service members have no idea if, in two years or five years, they will lose their benefits, get more benefits or even be returned to service. Critics say the service members feel like they are in limbo and can’t move forward in their lives.

You can read the rest of the article on Airforcetimes.com .

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