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Friday, June 21, 2024

Want to Help Corpsman.com? Are you a Conservative VET?

April 20, 2009 by  
Filed under Corpsman.com News

Corpsman.com Needs your assistance.

Are you politically “CONSERVATIVE” but can base your opinion with “FACTS” not hyperbole from FOX News?  Want to have equal opportunity to get your point across without Slinging Mud at the other side..(I.e Me!)

Dem's Vs. Rep's

Dem's Vs. Rep's

Here’s the deal, as most of you know I am more moderate to liberal in my views, but I do respect the other sides opinion as well.  This is what makes our country unique and in my belief the best damn nation in the world..

But I don’t want just point my side.  I want to have a even keel look at both sides so you the voters can be better educated.  Believe it or not there are a bunch and I mean a bunch of “Liberals” serving in the military as well as “Conservatives”.

What I don’t want is a Rush Limbaugh/ Fox News “No Fact Based” person, and I promise I won’t be a Keith Olbermann Left leaning Liberal Weenie..


What I am trying to do is get a topic of the week, and the Right and the Left will Debate the issue.

What we can’t have unfortunately are Active or Reserve folks doing this.  It has to be Vets or Dependents.  I am sure you understand the conflict of interest and why I cannot have A/D and Res Doing this.

So if your interested in getting in the ring with me, and you have the mental capacity more then a thimble, drop me a line @ admin1@Corpsman.com.  We also might turn this into a 15 minute Show every 2 weeks or so for the site.



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