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Friday, June 21, 2024

FACTS about Fall 2009 PCS Moves

September 14, 2009 by  
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Questions / Answers Regarding Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Restoral

Q:  I hear that PCS funds were restored…when will I get my PCS orders?

  • Approximately 9,200 enlisted Sailors who had their FY09 Projected Rotation Dates deferred to FY10 can begin their negotiations for follow-on orders.
  • We will release orders according to NPC’s existing prioritization strategy; GSA rotations, career milestone billets, critical readiness fills, minimizing gaps at sea for deployed units and those working up to deploy.
  • Those with the nearest rotation date and overseas orders should expect to see PCS orders first.
  • To the maximum extent possible, we will honor those Sailors’ originally agreed-upon assignments and will work with each individual to minimize disruption to them and their families.
  • We will continue our close coordination with USFF and the Fleet N1s to ensure we focus our resources where they are needed most.

Q:  What should I do if I am waiting for PCS orders?

For Enlisted Sailors:

  • If your PRD was moved to November, you are in your negotiating window.
  • If your PRD was moved, your detailer recorded what you previously asked for and will make every effort to keep you on track.
  • The current requisition, which was a full Fleet release, closes at 0500 CST on 24 June.
  • While the July requisition has not been developed yet, we have no reason to believe that it will be constrained.

For Officers:

  • You should know if your PCS orders are being held while we waited for PCS funds.  Most orders that were in the holding pattern should be out in a few weeks at the latest .
  • Those that have not yet negotiated PCS orders should begin the negotiation process.

Most Sailors have been in contact with their Detailers, but those with specific issues should call or write to their detailer.

Q:  Is there going to be an impact on moving my house hold goods?

  • Summer PCS season is the busiest time of year for families to move, so you should expect some delay as moves ramp up.  Recommend contacting your local personal property office after receiving PCS orders for a more realistic planning timeline.
  • We anticipate that many families will now be able to set up HHG moves and rotate between school years.

Q:  My PRD is in December which is 6 months away, can I get my PCS orders now to move my family over the summer?

  • The new DoD mandated PCS Obligation Policy Change (POPC) directs that PCS orders are costed when the orders are released.
  • While we will do our best to get PCS orders as soon as possible, we will be working on those with the closest PRDs.
  • Some Sailors expecting to PCS in the Nov to Dec 09 timeframe may not see orders until 1Oct09.

Q:  I’m transferring from/to an OCONUS location and it takes 60 days for HHGs to ship.  Will I get my orders in hand in time to ship my HHGs 60 days prior to PRD?

Maybe.  Detailers will work very hard to identify those personnel in need of orders for special circumstances.  However, the fiscal realities may prevent early receipt of orders.  Personnel should have backup plans in place.

Q:  Can I get a letter of intent?

No. Letters of intent cause us to obligate PCS funds immediately, which is the same impact as writing PCS orders.  A letter of intent without accounting data will not be accepted for scheduling HHG appointments since HHG scheduling obligates funds.  Additionally, if you are concerned about status on a housing priority list, priority is established when you detach from your command, not when you receive orders, so any paperwork (PCS orders or letter of intent) received before you detach will not affect your priority status on a housing wait list.


Q:  Will a delay in PCS orders affect my status on the housing priority list?

Housing priority is established when you detach from your command, not when you receive orders, so any paperwork (PCS orders or letter of intent) received before you detach will not affect your priority status on a housing wait list.

Q:  Are no-cost moves going to happen?

Maybe.  No-cost PCS orders are able to be released however, the member’s relief must be able to report prior to releasing orders for the member to detach.  If your relief’s orders can not be released due to cost, you may not be able to execute a no-cost move.

Q:  What if I already have orders in hand?  Can I expect that they will be cancelled?

If you have orders in hand, you can execute as planned.  There are no plans to cancel any released orders.

Q:  How are PRD extensions and geostability moves impacted by PCS reductions?

Part of Navy’s approach to mitigating PCS funding shortfalls is to PCS personnel to assignments within the same geographic area to continue to support Fleet Readiness.  Detailers are attempting to maximize PRD extensions, and geostability moves where possible and practical to support the needs of the Sailor and the Fleet.

Q:  If I’m in my detailing window should I apply for a job in CMS/ID?

Yes. You should still apply for jobs in CMS/ID

NOTE:  General questions should be directed to your chain of command or 1-866-U ASK NPC (1-866-827-5672).  Detailers are standing by to answer questions specific to your situation.

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