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Saturday, May 25, 2024

We’re Takin a Break for a Few Days…Congrats @Corpsmanmom!

September 2, 2009 by  
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Hey Doc’s, Family Members, Vets, and everyone in-between!!!

The Corpsman.com Family is taking a much needed breather for the Labor Day Weekend.  We will be back in Action next Wednesday with more news and commentary.

There will be no AOTC on Sunday or Scuttlebutt Chat on Tuesday Night. If you have any news, please email it to me @ admin1@corpsman.com .

Of Course breaking news will be posted.

DeeDee & Johnathan Reno

DeeDee & Johnathan Reno

Last but not least.. DeeDee our Newsletter Editor and our Scuttlebutt Chat Lead moderator, is sending her youngest son Johnathen to the Navy next week.  He leaves for Boot next Wednesday.  After Boot he has been locked in to the NUKE program.

What this means is the Reno Family will have 2 sons who are Sailors, they are their only sons.  “1” a Doc and “1” a soon to be Nuke.

They broke the mold after the creation of the Rob, DeeDee, Dan & Johnathan Reno family.

BZ to you all..

Stay Save everyone!!


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