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Saturday, May 25, 2024

AOTC #94 “Happy Birthday Corpsmen, 112 Years Strong!”

Happy Birthday to me…

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday Dear Corpsmen.. (My wife included……)

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Doc's!

ATOC #94!! Happy Bday Doc's!

My present to you all is AOTC #94!!!

Unforunatley times are rough this year.. Money is tight.. tighter then mine during a MEPS physical! (Bada… BUMP!)

SOooo… we only have Audio for this podcast, hey have you noticed we aren’t running AD’s anymore?  What you think this stuff is cheap?

Nah.. seriously, there was a bug today with my video software that I upgraded to.  It was not porting through to our Video hosting service (USTREAM) and while I thought I was recording the video, it didn’t take.

Lucky for me though I was recording the audio as well on another stream.  So you can listen down below, or subscribe to us on ITUNES, to get our Podcast.  Either way please give a listen.

I get a little hot under the collar about a few stories from , Navytimes.com, Armytimes.com, Marinecorpstimes.com, and Airforcetimes.com.  Take a listen.  (Understand no animals or children were harmed with my swearing like a sailor during this podcast, PC police find another place to complain at!)   🙂

Seriously on another note though if you haven’t noticed, we don’t have “AD’s” Displaying anymore.  We are run on “MY DIME” and any donations that I might receive.  I do want to give a thank you to:

Michael Stern

Who donated today to Corpsman.com even without solicitation!! Thanks Mike!

Remember to donate just hit the donate button on our site it will take you to paypal.

Last but not least and I will be sending out a reminder, Dee (Our Fabulous EDITOR De’jour) is putting our newsletter together for July 4th.  Submissions need to be to her by the 23’rd of June, you can email them to her at editor@corpsman.com , and your submissions will be included in our Newsletter.  Our 4th of July is almost as big as our Holiday Newsletter, get your submissions in to us!

Da-Chief, Crazycajun, DeeDee, 8404, IDC-Wife, Indy



4 Responses to “AOTC #94 “Happy Birthday Corpsmen, 112 Years Strong!””
  1. Poghmahone says:

    Happy 112th Birthday Hospital Corps everywhere.

    A couple of questions, though… Will the US Navy Hospital Corps remain as the only enlisted Corps in the USN? How about once they disband “A” school and train with the other branches of the service in Texas, will they be as proficient as before (I remember sitting through 40+ hours of instruction on A&P until I had the body memorized)? Will that affect the quality, cameraderie, esprit de corps as well as their deciation to be the best there is?

    I spent very little time on the “Blue Side” of the Nav and what I saw didn't impress upon me the willingness to travel and see the world. When I volunteered for the FMF (Green Side), I got that and so much more. I think the “togetherness” each class experienced will forever linger in the catacombs of their minds, but the mindset that clumped all corpsman-like training under the Army's Training command appears to be those of bean counters and number crunches, not necessarily what's good for the service. I have been out of the loop for many years now, Vietnam is a distant but everyday reminder for me, but what are the training standards set up at Fort Sam Houston?

  2. Manuel Serrano says:

    Though there are problems in any organization (and, we Corpsmen, are affiliated with many), we should have our own insignia, FMF, Corpsman Up!, something that binds us together, as grunts who served in the field. Not denigrating Hospitalcorpsmen, they generally received our wounded, sometimes they were there in actual harm's way. I don't know how to separate this problem. I do think, though, that we FMF should have a patch “GRUNT CORPSMAN,” I don't know.
    Doc Serrano

  3. Darrell Asplund USMC 67-71 says:

    GOD bless the Corpsmen from an old Marine. And, HAPPY 112th. Birthday!

  4. Fencer442 says:

    Thanks from an old DOC (86-90) !!