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Friday, June 21, 2024

Why I ask for Donations on Corpsman.com

July 4, 2010 by  
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Users of Corpsman.com please read below.

Debate @ Corpsman.com

Debate @ Corpsman.com

Some days I just want to turn it all off, today was one of them.

Last night after I published our newsletter (26th one!) I put out a blast that it was available for download, at the end of the post I asked for donations.

Our site is not driven by ad revenue anymore due to ad’s tanking and hell, Yahoo ads went out of business.

I/we don’t require anyone to pay to use our site, we never have and we never will.  Every once in a while though we will ask for donations to help us out.

We don’t get much in donations but what we do get we throw right back into the site, this is how we keep the forums, update software, get hardware for our editor and our web designer.

Times are tough I understand that, Hell, it’s tough here as well.

I generally only ask for donations once a month or quarterly in no specific order.  It’s basically a reminder that we do have a donate button on our page, and if you like what we produce please donate.

Well this AM I had a person write me back and tell me his “Go-Daddy” Static site is paid till 2019, and that if I can’t pay my own bills I shouldn’t have Corpsman.com.

(Mind you I’m writing this while on Narc’s for my back so excuse any mistakes you might see as I go off here!)

If I were to have the page that he had produced that looks like a 1990’s web site, Heck I could be paid up for 100 years for the amount I spend in 1 month on this site.

We get thousands of hits on our site every day, from our Stories, Newsletters, and our forums.  I have had to upgrade our hosting package “3” times due to traffic.

His site is lucky if he gets 100 hits a day if that.

Mind you I’m just venting now, really I am, I wrote him back already and basically told him if he didn’t want to visit our site or if it bothered him me asking for a donation every once in a while I would delete his account and he would get no correspondence from us again.

My mom told me.. “If you have nothing good to say about a subject “STFU” and just stick your foot in your mouth!”

Tell me what you think? Leave a comment below, Are you happy with the site? What would you do different?

Well off my soapbox now, have a happy and safe 4th of July Shipmates, Family and Friends..




4 Responses to “Why I ask for Donations on Corpsman.com”
  1. DeeDee says:

    There is so much I want to say about this. I too checked out his “site” if you can call it that. Unimpressed. He sounds bitter.
    Fortunately we have people who are members who appreciate all that we do here. We really need them to show it and help us out. I donate my time and energy and when I can I donate money too. I don't mind putting in my $ when I can but my time is worth a LOT more than the money I send in.
    I love ya and you know

  2. Da-Chief says:

    Thank you SlgBaby, been a long time haven’t seen ya hope all is Well!

  3. Slgbaby says:

    Love the site and wouldn't change a thing (except for the a$$ holes)! Thanks for all the expertise and knowledge that you share so openly!!