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Friday, June 21, 2024

Update of Da-Chief’s PCS to the land of Cheese.

August 19, 2010 by  
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Greetings Doc’s and families!

We are about 75% done with our move up to the land of cheese. Da-Chief’s clan has actually taken residence in the new house, we just have a few more odd’s and ends to pickup.

What we DIDN’T expect though was our house to be without Internet, Cable, or Phones (Landline) until the 30th of the month! The tech came out the Monday after we moved to find, our house needs “EXTENSIVE” work to upgrade it for digital services, much more then was allotted on that visit.

I was asked to reschedule via the tech, and was told dispatch would probably get us the next day.. And he left.

The next day is now the 30th, with me calling every day to see if we can get sooner.

While living in a rural area is nicer, and safer for my family etc, it sucks when they dint have a fleet to service you like Comcast does. (BTW, new service is with Time Warner).

So all updates I make now are via my IPHONE, which is all thump typed. Please excuse any typo’s that might be found, I have fat thumbs! 😉

There are quite a few updates that need to be done, but I am limited right now.

I will try to coordinate with CrazyCajun to get the Bibs up, but am not sure if we can do it at this time.

I apologize for all inconveinences this cause.

Hope to see you all soon!



2 Responses to “Update of Da-Chief’s PCS to the land of Cheese.”
  1. Sharlean Torgerson says:

    We all collectively agree and believe that the corpsmen should be able to wear the caduceus or specialty mark as an identifier and to show our pride of our honored history and by this NSU regulation we are not permitted to wear our honored caduceus, even though we already have the pins manufactured to wear on the uniforms. CH 4, sec 2, part 2: b. E2-E6 personnel wearing the male Service Uniform (SU) Khaki Rate specialty marks (e.g. caduceus, cross quills, ship’s helm, etc) are not authorized to be worn on the collar of the SU khaki shirt or khaki over blouse.
    We are all requesting to have our honored identifier, our caduceus, back on all of our uniforms as it has been and should be.
    Additional comments listed below:
    Does anyone else here not like the fact that we no longer wear the caduceus on either of the two new uniforms. I for one think this should be changed. Let's get to chatting about this, because I'm interested in seeing how many “Docs” feel the same way.

    I don’t know of any Corpsman that likes that fact. We are not average sailors we are Docs.

    I just wonder how hard it would be to get the reg.s amended.

    Funny everyone should mention this but, just had a All Hands with Force Master Chief and this question was brought up. But like everything else it's all a political answer to the question, shame to say it but Navy has gone Corporate no longer a service of Traditions and Honor. Do you know who sits on the uniform board, a Civilian. The answer to this question is “We are Sailors First, MOS/NEC Later” What people see if the Rank not the Rate. All I can say is teach those before us the last bit of Naval Heritage and Traditions before you leave the Navy.

    Funny thing about that Sailor first thing, though: We're the only branch that separates uniforms based off of rank. If we're going to distinguish between E6 and below and E7 and above, why can't you put a caduceus on the collar?

    The caduceus on the MARPAT uniform is for Geneva Convention purposes, identifying us as Medical Personnel (officers have staff corps insignia for that) Army medics have left sleeve caduceus on their utility uniform. I suppose since Blue uniform is not designed for ground combat, that such a marking would be rendered unnecessary.

    Expect docs wearing MARPAT to continue to wear caduceus.

    I have no doubt that the rating badges will return. Someone is going to tell someone in the clinic, “Hey, go tell the Corpsman over there….” and find a waiting room full of shirts/marpat with not an identifier on the bunch. Or for that matter a bunch of Airdales in search of a “rigger”….And don't tell me names tags are going to be the way they find you….

    OK on the new navy NSU's there are no rate badges for anyone corpsman are authorized to wear a caduceus belt buckle that’s it, it’s pretty weak but not much anyone can do….

    I bet it is money thing. every rate would want to be on the uniform, I want it on the uniform

    I think they should allow it

    I hate the situation at hand too..but we’re all just going to have to be semper gumby on it

    I say we just wear them..who cares if we get in trouble. at least we are proud of being corpsman unlike other rating in the navy.

    About a month ago the Force Master Chief was in Kuwait for the Hospital Corps Birthday and she held a Force Call. The issue of caduceus on the new uniforms is addressed with Big Navy every 90 days. Big Navy is hearing our cries, and the Force is directing them at the right people. She is working hard to make this happen for us!

    We corpsmen are above the rest we should be allowed to have our caduceus…I have it on every uniform but the new ones…when i wear the new ones people ask what my job is even when I am in the Clinic…though most of the time i am in my MARPARTs I wouldn’t trade them for any other uniform…I prefer to be w/ my marines and have that collar device that sets me apart for the rest…

    I've been on two ships and spent 6 months at a combat outpost in Middle-of-nowhere, Afghanistan. At neither of these did I wear my caduceus (ships-dungarees & coveralls, COP- FROG suit). Strange thing happened, though, virtually everyone knew I was a corpsman. How do you think that happened? When you do your job and take care of your people, no matter where you're stationed, they will know you're a corpsman. You don't need a caduceus shield for that.

    I agree!!! This page should be sent to the Force Master Chief, as well as the CNO. All of our traditions are going to the wayside. These little things are adding up and it shows in our retention rate in the Navy. Now if they prevent us from Wearing the FMF Uniform, I will drop my retirement papers. This is ridiculous. The Navy and USMC are steeped in tradition. This is what makes us such the fighting force we are. We need to get the Caduceus back on the uniform!!

    I agree with your comment. Your performance will shine, and they will recognize you. But, what would the Marines say if they removed the blood stripe from the uniform. It is only really an extra piece of Material? They could cut costs that way as well. This is where our two services differ. The USMC will not compromise on tradition.

  2. Dmatemt says:

    Great story with a moving tribute of the work done by the Navy HM on the USS Kirk … now this is what Navy Medicine is all about.nnHere is the part 2 of the full story