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Friday, June 21, 2024

Been a busy few months..But I’m back at the helm of Corpsman.com

September 16, 2010 by  
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1. Pack up house–Check
2. Move said house to new state–Check
3. Have help to move house to new state–Not so much
4. Unpack house in new state, and admire new lake you live next to as well–Check
5. Get kids enrolled in new school–Check
6. Try to get cable installed in new house–Check (After 3 week wait!)
7. Get kids situated in new school, first time in a public school–Check (They love it btw).
8. Have a weekend to ourselves without guests who are here to help, but really just look at our lake..(Finally this weekend). –CHECK
9. Ok really #4 is still not finished, but working on it.. So give this a check.. –CHECK.
10. Hurt Back, not from moving but from bending over getting dressed 1 week ago, back pain off the charts..–CHECK
11. Get Steroids Tuesday Night at ER for said Hurt Back–Check
12. Take Steroids..–Check

and last but not least..

13. Get my ass back on Corpsman.com to update, upgrade and also get AOTC back on track… –CHECK

Attack of Da-Chief!! I'm back Baby!!!

Attack of Da-Chief!! I'm back Baby!!!

I’m back, sorry for the delay everyone, it has been along and interesting journey. All the better for my family though, and also better for you all as well I hope.

A few things that have changed since I dropped out of site, I will not be getting a teaching degree now, changing my degree plan to web design and server development.

Teaching jobs are far and few between now, it would suck to spend 4 years to get a degree in something and spend a lot of time, money and sweat on something that I could not get hired in. Teaching jobs are getting slashed nationwide. I don’t even want to get into why this is so bass-ackwards for our country and youths.

But I have to take care of my family, and this degree program will also help our site as well.

So I’m back, Hope to hear from you all.

I will be upgrading software here in the next week or so, so please drop me a email or pm if you see anything wonky going on.

Thanks again for your patience..


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