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Thursday, August 11, 2022

AOTC #96 Holidaze, Tech crazy stuff, Deals, Deals, Deals, Monday Night 2130 EST.

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Attack of Da-Chief, Corpsman.com Netcast

Attack of Da-Chief, Corpsman.com Netcast

Thats right Corpsman.com is back on the air Monday night..

What I need from you.. Please send a barrage.. is email me at admin1@corpsman.com, or tweet us at http://twitter.com/corpsman_com with any and all question you might have, I will answer them on the air.

I will also be reviewing a few techy things that you might want to pick up for the holiday rush, as well as give you some A/D-Veteran Savings ideas.

Join us at http://justin.tv/corpsman_com to watch/listen live.

If you can’t make it of course you can download the show on ITUNES, Keyword AOTC, or Attack of Da-Chief, or CORPSMAN.COM.

We hope to hear from you.


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