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Friday, June 21, 2024

13 December 2010 Update to Corpsman.com Fundraising Goal. Please help us meet our goal!

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Corpsman.com Mugs by DeeDee!

Corpsman.com Mugs by DeeDee!

13 December 2010
Corpsman.com Fundraising Update

$492.99 Down

Thank you!


To Go!

Ahh Winter how you tease me so….

Bad Roads

Bad Roads

I am up in Michigan doing our Christmas visit with my in-laws, the weather is blue skies, and about 16 degree’s (-1 Wind-Chill) which is not that bad! Unfortunately I have to drive through Indiana by Lake Michigan to get back to home base and that is “REALLY” bad.  Blizzard conditions, supposedly going to drop about 22 inches of snow “TODAY”.  We are playing it by ear on when we will get back on the road back to home base.

Lucky for me, I have my handy dandy Ol’ Laptop. (Thank Toshiba!), and my in-laws have good internet service (upgraded them to a wireless “N” router this trip from the old Wireless “B”!) and because of this I was able to do site updates even here in Michigan.

SGT Ayube KIA 08 Dec 2010

SGT Ayube KIA 08 Dec 2010

We unfortunately lost a Medic on the 8th of December in Afghanistan, SGT Ayube, was killed in Action.   You can red our post and leave a condolence message here: http://www.corpsman.com/2010/12/sgt-james-a-ayube-ii-kia-08-dec-2010-in-afghanistan/

The news wasn’t all sad though, I found a great program that Xerox has started that sends postcards out to those deployed during the holiday season. It’s called the “LET’S SAY THANKS” program.  You can read about that here:  http://www.corpsman.com/2010/12/sgt-james-a-ayube-ii-kia-08-dec-2010-in-afghanistan/

Last but not least. This is our Fundraising month on Corpsman.com.  As you can see even when away from home we strive to keep our site updated for you the users.  I would lie if I said it wasn’t a lot of work. It is.  But it is work that I love doing and want to continue doing for my fellow Doc’s, families of Doc’s and Veterans.

Can you help us meet our goal of $1500.00 for the before the end of December?  This helps offset our costs for 2011.  If you do donate it will be recognized in the forums when I get home and also on  our newsletters and our podcasts.   Please Donate today by clicking the link: “DONATE TO CORPSMAN.COM”  We appreciate your support.  And a FYI, some folks have said they have sent a check to me, these will be added to my total once I get home on receipt.  Once we reach 1500.00 I will stop sending out solicitations for donations.

Stay Safe, everyone..

Stay Warm.





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